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Does the 2ww ever get easier?

So Wednesday I had my 3rd embryo transfer (our first fet) I was determined to remain calm throughout this 2ww as by now I know the deal.

I am yet to start looking for signs, symptoms etc that's not the problem.

The issue is more I'm already worrying if things I'm doing will make it not work. The list of worries so far is:

Is sleeping on my belly going to make it not work?

Is eating a spicey dinner last night going to make it not work?

In bed last night I got two sudden sharp bouts of cramp in my feet that made me suddenly jerk up and pull on my feet for a few minutes. Is the sudden jerks I did going to make it not work?

Hubby was out last night and we've lent our spare key to a friend so I left my key out for hubby to let himself in so I could go to bed. At quarter past midnight the doorbell rang and I woke with a start, heart racing and I rushed downstairs to find hubby at the front door saying he couldn't find the key (turns out he had knocked it off the box I left it on as he couldn't see it in the dark and didn't think to use the torch on his phone!) so I was shaken up a bit and pissed off at him. Then I worried could this make it not work?

I'm eating out with friends tomorrow and I really want to eat the lamb burger but the restaurant have told me that the lamb burgers meat will always be a little bit red even if it's well cooked - so now I'm worried about ordering that in case that causes it to not work!

I'm even being careful with how I bend so nothing feels like it's pulling!

Please tell me I'm not the only one that is getting this crazy in the 2ww (and feel free to tell me if any of the above actually will have an effect on it working 😂)

Thank god my 2ww is short and test date is next Saturday!

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I was exactly the same after my first FET last April, then with this last one I decided to just be normal. I went out with friends to a concert and had a good dance, a nice meal and even a glass of wine! Obviously I didn’t do anything silly like lifting heavy weights but I just tried to forget about it as much as possible. If it doesn’t work out we will always beat ourselves up looking for the slightest thing we did ‘wrong’. Be kind to yourself and try to keep busy. Sending lots of positive thoughts your way xxxxxx


Hiya, I honestly don't think we can do, or not do, anything to make it work or not. I'm now 38wks pregnant after my 1st FET and I remember thinking similar things to the things you listed above....especially about spicy food! I had a complete meltdown one night after eating a curry and then reading that I shouldn't have spicy food...then worried that the stress would stop it from working! At the end of the day of this was a natural conception you wouldn't be aware of any of those things...if it's gonna work it's cos the embie is good to go. They're strong little things when they want to be! Good luck with your FET...i hope you get your bfp!!! Xx

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I understand what you feel.

I was doing the same for my first tries...

No drink, healthy diet, no oyster, no sport, not going out....

This doesn't impact the process, my best friends got pregnant while she was still drinking and very stressed!

What is important is for you to try and do what is right in your mind, so that you are in good conditions!


You really would think when you’d done more than one of these twws it would get easier but it really doesn’t. I think it gets worse lol. Ok maybe you’re slightly obsessing over things I may not necessarily have considered myself but that’s because you want it to work so badly. We all do! Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you’re doing everything you can xx


I feel how your feeling! I had my transfer on Wednesday too. I was out all day yesterday and my little girl was being more needy than usual so was carrying her around a lot which now I’m worrying has ruined things lol! But most ladies who are pregnant naturally wouldn’t know now and would be acting as normal so that’s what I am doing! Don’t stress and I have everything crossed for you xxx


Thank you all ladies, I think having gone through a miscarriage in first cycle then the second cycle not working has made me more nervous and reading into everything I do. At least I'm not symptom spotting yet!

Your kind words and reassurance are a huge comfort to me and have put my mind at ease. I am going to aim to relax a bit more for the next week


It definitely gets no easier, it’s a torture! I don’t think any of those things will have a negative impact but it’s so hard not to fret. Wishing you the very best of luck for a positive outcome xx


You sound pretty normal to me! I worried that baking a cake would make it not work at one point! Good luck xx


I could have written this! I'm on day 7 of my 2nd 2ww. Shouldn't have lifted the shopping in and out the car but went by myself. Shouldn't be lifting and carrying the laundry basket but I am. Have eaten too much rubbish food. Shouldn't have had my shower that hot. Shouldn't let my boyfriend stress me out so bad. Etc etc. I'm sure our embryos know what they are doing in their little safe strong womb with no view. X

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