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What to do about 2WW

Evening ladies hope ur all ok? 😃

So a little bit premature but it's really stressing me out😖

I'm not sure what to do about my 2ww (when it finally arrives)

I work work in retail so work long-ish hours all of which on my feet it can be manual and stressful as I'm a manager I don't know what amount or if I should take time off as I need to sort it out cause it coming up (hopefully)

Any advice will be lovely


Have a nice evening! 😘

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Try not to worry about it too much amd just do what you feel will be right. I had a few days off after as the first 48 hours are the most important but I think I would of gone insane if I hadnt gone into work for the full 2 weeks x I would definately take a few days to rest and then try and just do light duties!!!! Xx good luck x

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Hello LadyBoss397,

I only took days off for EC and ET. I have a desk job so working was a bit easier for me. Afterwards I felt I would have benefited with a day or two more after ET but overall I'm glad I worked through it as it kept my mind off things!

The only thing that's a bit tricky is that you don't know when EC or ET will be until a few days before. I tried not to worry about that too much as you work it out when the time comes.

Good luck! x

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For me, I was happy to take the time off from around collection time and for the 2ww until test day. I work in an office, but there are several people that just moan about things and I didn't want to be around that negativity. IVF was my focus and I wanted to feel I gave it the best opportunity possible.

Your job sounds manually stressful and stress isn't good at this time....yeah there are days when you might think I should have gone to work, but being "summer" you can always find something else to take your time off things...

I was given an on paper treatment plan, so I knew roughly when I would need to book off..I just said to my boss, I might need to amend the dates slightly nearer to the time.

Do what you feel is best for you :-)


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I had the same dilemma, I work stood up as a hairdresser. I decided to have the day off for egg transfer and the day after that. Like some of the other posts say you can't plan exactly when your et is going to be , so I ended up ringing in sick as my main boss didn't know I was going through ivf/icis. My job can be stressful. I just really relaxed whilst I was off , took the dog for walks, sat outside drank plenty of water. I was glad to get back to work in the second week, it took my mind of what was going on.

I'm pleased to say that round worked and I am now 19 weeks.

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Your clinic will advise you not to lift or do housework so you might want to take a few days sick leave to recover from EC and ET. Or you could blame not lifting on a bad back (I used this excuse with people who didn't know) if you decide not to tell your work.

Check to see if your employers have an IVF policy as you might be entitled to additional days off for treatment.

I had the day off for ECs as well as the following day to recover from the general anaesthetic. ETs were on Fridays (worked at home) and Saturdays for me and as I don't work weekends I was able to rest before returning to work as usual on Mondays. my hours can be flexible so I could rest when I needed to but you might not have this option so you could self certify or get your GP to sign you off, but I found working helped distract me.

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I had the same issue my work is very demanding and if things went wrong i didnt want to b asking myself was it work. Take it easy at least first few days. I have got a sick note from EC to after my 2ww. Good luck

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Thanks ladies! 😘

It's a tricky one! Light duties don't really exist in my job and as far as reducing stress I've been trying to do that this week and omg I've possibly had the worst week of my life! Been reduced to tears every bloody day!! (I'm not usually a cryer)

I think it will be best for all involved if I take at least 2 weeks off from EC and go from there!

I don't think I'd ever forgive myself if something went wrong and thought I could of prevented it! xxx


You'll know what is realistic in your job, and it does sounds stressful so taking the full time off will help. You could take the two weeks as annual leave and then perhaps get your GP to sign you off if you need more time after that. If I get pregnant (testing on Wed) then the first place I'll be going is to my boss to tell her that I'll need some tasks adjusted as I can't lift boxes or heavy books any more. Not that I have to do that daily but it is a weekly occurrence. So if it is a positive then you'll need your job tasks adjusted, all employers have to do this legally, check their policy on maternity etc.

Best wishes with it all, xxx


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