2ww :-)

Hi everyone hope your all ok :-) I haven't posted in a while due to working extra hours in work. I had almost 2 weeks of at Easter and during that time my hubby and I went away and done things, it really helped take my mind of treatment... When the clinic reopened after Easter I got the best news ever :-) I finally had a follicle at 18mm and 2 days later it was 20mm :-) took my trigger shot that night and had iui on Friday :-) this is such a huge step and I am feeling very positive as we have never in 3 years got to this stage. I have pcos but my hubby has very good sperm count so I am trying harder than ever to feel super positive :-) day 5 of the 2ww is almost over woohoo x

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  • Good luck hunni x

  • Thank you :-) feel so anxious and constantly cleaning when at home to keep my mind of it lol xx

  • Good luck! The 2ww is hard but try and keep busy! Fingers and toes crossed for you xxΒ 

  • Thank you Murph82Β :-) have you had iui? xx

  • We had IVF. I have low AMH (that of a 45-50 year old and I'm 33) so have low egg reserve. We got told that the chances of IVF working were less than 10% but I'm now sitting here just over 25 weeks pregnant 😬 I know we are incredibly lucky to be in this position and I honestly hope each and every one of the ladies on here get their much deserved BFP. It is such a hard and draining process but worth it. During the 2ww, me and my fella went out for nice food and did stuff like the cinema, basically anything to take our minds off things. I hope you're keeping busy or at least trying to! Xxxx

  • Aww that is amazing! Huge congratulations Β :-) I love hearing stories like yours, gives us all so much hope. I am 28 and have pcos and a high egg reserve and my husband is 27 and has really good sperm so I am trying to tell myself this is a good thing, we tried clomid a few years ago and it did nothing so I am hoping iui was what we needed :-) we are redecorating to take our minds of it lol xx

  • You have every right to be positive honey! My fella had super sperm as well, he took great pleasure when the doctor told us that πŸ˜‚ Redecorating is a great way to keep busy. Keep us updated with your journey and ask any questions you need to. This network is a fantastic support and helped me during some dark times xxx

  • Haha so did mine πŸ˜‚ suppose they should be proud of that :-) thank you so much, I know what you mean, it has really helped me as well, don't know how I could have got through these last few months without the help of everyone on here 😊 xxx

  • Hey Rach, congrats on getting this far. My test date is the 19th of April so I'm in the same boat as you. You seem to be dealing with it really well. Fingers crossed for both of us. Xx

  • Thank you and same to you :-) is this your first iui? Do you think? Haha I think I am just so happy to be this far cuz I had been on the injections from Jan and nothing was happening so the 2ww is more exciting than stress now :-) xx

  • This is my first IUI. I've been really lucky with my treatment so far. I oscillate between being really positive and being convinced it hasn't worked. Your post really cheered me up so thank you. It was great to see things from your point of view.

  • Aww that is so lovely to hear :-) I know what you mean, after my iui I was constantly googling things but now I'm going to just try my best and relax and think about each day as they come until test day. I work as a nursery assistant so shouldn't be to hard for me :) I keep getting pains like as if my period is coming but no other symptoms. I was due on Sat there so I'm super confused cuz my iui was fri Β xx

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