2WW Going Crazy 😑

Hi girls.

So on my 2WW....7dpt3dt.

Feel so emotional last 2 days,my boobs are tender,got a thumping headache !!

I don't think this is going to work this time,I feel so upset about everything.

Was so positive going into this 2nd fresh cycle and not I've lost all that positiveness now.

Test day is Wednesday and I'm dreading it....

Just feel like walking out of work and going home πŸ™

Sorry for moaning xxxx

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  • Hey

    I'm right there with you!! It's so hard πŸ˜₯

    I can't shake the negativity. I'm positive it's not worked but I don't really know why?

    So since I'm feeling this way it's hard for me to offer advice but just want to say stay strong, your almost there!


  • Yup I am there to today! Fed up and feeling negative.

    Have been busy but it's always there on my mind!!!

    your lucky you can test wed there making me wait til Friday 4th going to wait as that's my day off work anyway!

    Oh girls this is hard!!!! πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” xxx

  • I'm testing Friday too! Fingers crossed we are both pleasantly surprised! Xx

  • Hey

    I know how you feel, I've one more week to wait until test day.

    It's not long now until you find out and I will have my fingers crossed for you

    This is definitely the hardest part and the 2 weeks just drag in 😒


  • Have you ladies had an symptoms that are making you feel negative or otherwise? x

  • Not really for me Sarah. I've had symptoms which I guess could be AF or pregnancy;

    Cramps (a few days ago they were really strong), nausea a couple of times, boobs a little tender but not sore, lower back pain.

    I think I feel negative because I feel like I should be having symptoms that make me more certain of an outcome which I know is silly.

    This part is so hard! Xxx

  • When is your test Amanda? I have been told a lot that it is way to early to have any definate symptoms to tell you either way.

    I keep flitting between positive and negative.

    I honestly think there is no way of knowing for sure

    Has anyone on here had a BFP?

    Did you know for sure, you maybe could help us two week waiters? x

  • My hospital do a blood test which is 9 days past my 5 day transfer. So my blood test is this Monday. However I will be taking a pregnancy test that morning. Silly probably I know but I feel I have to!! So I maybe have an idea of what blood result will say.

    I'd say my first 4 days I felt positive. I felt like I was getting pretty strong symptoms and since then I haven't really and it's made me become so negative πŸ˜₯ xxx

  • Was your embryo good quality?

    Won't it upset you if it happened to be negative beifenhju have the bloody test and then that could be positive?

    Is this your first IVF?

    I think if you haven't got loads of pain or bleeding then there is still chance? x

  • If my pregnancy test was negative I'd be expecting a negative blood result so if it actually came back positive I would be pleasantly surprise ☺

    This is my first IVF. It was a grade 4AB embryo that I had transferred. How about you? Xxx

  • Is a 4AB good? Sorry I don't know the grading.

    I had a 3 day transfer this time. This is my 3rd IVF. They used Primovision this time so they could see which embryo (s) developed the best.

    They put 2 back in. One 8 cell top quality and 1 4 cell good quality.

    I still have no idea if it will work though πŸ™ˆ X

  • They said it's a really good grade yeah.

    Nope I guess none of us will know until our test day πŸ˜₯ it's the worst part! Xxx

  • It is really hard. The only thing I keep telling myself is nothing we can do can change the outcome x

  • Hi. I got my BFP on 18th this month.

    There were some days I was so positive but then had a couple of days where I was emotional. It's part and parcel of the journey we are on.

    Stay busy, listen to meditative music, affirmations, watch comedy, go for walks.

    Please do not symptom spot as we are all different.

    For me I couldn't differentiate between period cramping and potential pregnancy.

    My breasts always became tender prior to my period, but Holly Molly they are sooooo tender now.

    Stay positive, you are allowed to have negative thoughts, acknowledge them and let them go, but don't dwell on the negatives,

    Best of luck to everyone

    Positive vibes and positive thoughts

    Big hugs xxx

  • Thank you for replying it is good to know that it does work!!

    I think my biggest thing is the only thing I can feel or have felt is cramping.

    Not bad but there then it goes for a day or so then comes back. I have no idea how I am supposed to know if this is a good or. Ad thing?

    I feel like it is a bad thing though tbh 😒? x

  • Seriously not just saying this but I spoke with a lady who specialises in reflexology for maternity and she said every single pregnancy is different, there are no wrong signs or right signs..my cramps or twinges were coming and going . Easier said than done but keep yourself busy and focus on the positives in your life. This is no easy journey and even though I am 6 weeks today , I am avoiding symptom spotting as apart from tenderness and fatigue I have no symptoms . Worry attracts worry.. Even if you force a smile it helps to change our hormones into happy hormones and that's what we need. Relax into the process and go with the flow. Unless there are major pains , relax


  • Iv just been getting pains in my stomach and my boobs are sore 😩

    I just hope we all get a positive result

    This is defo the hardest part 😒 Xx

  • Do you boobs feel sore all day?

    Mine just seem tender at night when I take my bra off. When I feel them with the palm of my hand they're quite hard feeling xxx

  • Hey Amanda

    Yeah my boobs would be sore most of the day

    I'm forever on google trying to find things out

    I guess we won't know until we're suppose to

    Have you taken time of work?


  • Yeah I'm signed off until after my test day. I'm in a heavy job so didn't want to have anything to blame it on if it doesn't work.

    How about you? Xxx

  • ive been off since egg collection but am going back to work on Monday in til my test day on the Friday.

    I work in an opticians so is not too bad

    have you got any other children or will this be a first? xx

  • This would be our first. Really hoping for a miracle baby!

    How about you? Xxx

  • I have a son who will 10 in January (previous relationship)

    My husband has 2 older girls so we're desperate to have one of our own 😊

    We have been trying for 6 years after a miscarriage 😒 Xx

  • I hope we'll both get our BFP! Keeping everything crossed for us and all the other girls xxx

  • Will do missus keep us posted on how you get on xx

  • Why 😩 It good still all be ok?

    I hope we all do too. This is my 3rd try πŸ˜” X

  • It's is the hardest part 100% x

  • It really is a horrible time stay strong fingers crossed you ll get a positive cx

  • Oh no you were so positive...this is a bad day for sure..and you reaching out on here and lots of folk will keep you going on here..hang on in there..you are doing great xxxx

  • Hey Girls, with you all too. Defo the hardest part, I am 11days post Egg transfer with a day 5 blastocyst. My test day is on Tuesday. Like Amanda I had a bit of cramping for the first week but now I am feeling nothing. No bleeding and sore boobs, but I know that soreness could be due to the progesterone pesseries I'm taking. Its so hard to know if feeling no symptoms is a good thing? Or is it a bad thing? From what I have read it could be either or both. Let's just try take one day at a time, stay sane (ish) and best of luck for us all next week x

  • Tender boob s one of the good sign of positive result....its a long journey...al d best fr ur bfp...my test day s 8 November...had FET yesterday..til today just relaxing but I knw it will b more tough ....

  • Thanks guys!!!

    Reading all these lovely messages really cheered me up tonight!!!

    I need a really good cry so I do.....think we all do....πŸ™

    Still tender boobs and little pulling twinges down below and killer of a headache today even after taking paracetamol every 4 hours!

    Fed up taking these bloody pessaries too!!

    Maybe it's the pessaries giving me these symptoms ???

    What a fantastic network of woman who know exactly what you are talking about!!

    I am going to make a list of nice things to do if it's a BFP.


  • Oh my I totally feel your pain!! The past two days I've been so miserable, and flat! I've been going out for lunch with friends, and painting which has helped, or taken my mind off it for 5 minutes!!! Definitely try to keep busy, and sod work next week if you feel you need time for yourself xx

  • Hi, I have just posted a bit of this on another thread. This is what I experienced during 2ww.

    Those were very odd twinges/sensations below belly button. They varied in length, frequency and noticability. They were not painful but I was aware of them. Mild headaches - not usual headache feeling. It was more like a 'cotton wool' head if you know what I mean.

    Also bloated tummy. Some occasional stitch like pain in my sides. Very yellow wee. Lack of appetite and a feeling of being full all the time. Stuffy nose (though kept thinking cold was coming but it never did). Was very dry down there (tmi) for a few days but then lots of CM.

    I didn’t have sore bb's, weeing all the time, hot flashes and increase in appetite.

    Honestly speaking I don't understand why you're feeling like that, that it won't work this time. There are no negative signs and nothing bores you except your headache. We all have different symptoms but there's nothing to worry about unless it's time to. So I would strongly persuade you to keep your mind healthy and, hun, wait till Wed. We passed our ivf cycle with donor eggs in Ukraine which was another milestone as all my relatives and friends were far away. But this was and is really a nice place to be in and to feel understood and supported by others like you.

    Praying for your rainbow XX

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