Things didn't go to plan... but I'm now (I think) in the 2ww

So my stuff turned up in a 12kg metal space-age style tub. Hubby was excited to use it in the garden...seriously that was his only thought !?!

I've been testing every few hours for my LH surge since Monday morning. I normally get it mid afternoon but Ive been staying at a friends on & off for the past 3 weeks since she had her baby as her and hubby aren't coping so well.

Wednesday morning came & the test strips are still showing negative wtf? the stuff is only good to the early hours of Friday, so at this point I'm panicking and hubby doesn't know what to say as I ALWAYS get a positive every month... ALWAYS!!!

Then Wednesday lunch time I start to feel warm.. and I remember I tested a few times over night at my friends on Monday & threw the tests in my bag after a couple of mins. I dig them out my bag (yes I'm a scratt & hadn't cleaned my bag!) & they are dark, not test line dark but dark enough to realise my surge was in the middle of the night probably due to my mixed sleep pattern looking after a new born (I wont even go into how hard that's been)

I text hubby who is at work till 6pm to get home asap, I've calculated that I've ov'd probably Wednesday after 12 noon.. the egg should live for at least 12 hours & healthy sperm should get there within 90mins (says google).

While waiting for hubby I buy expensive ov tests & the first comes up strong but not positive then I take another when hubby gets home & its even lighter so I have def missed the surge!

Hubby jumps in the shower, while I defrost the boys & get myself in that oh so sexy position with the butt in the air with a speculum in.

What would be the worst thing to happen now!?! A knock at the front door... hubby looks out the bedroom window (as I'm filling the syringe) its his sister, he forgot she text about coming. Now the dog is going mental, hes worried about what to tell his sister & I'm laying there with my cervix winking at hubby. He shouts at to her that he'll be down in a few mins then he does the deed!

He goes to let his sister in & I lay there for 30mins without taking the speculum out (so not comfortable). After 30mins remove the speculum add a diva cup & when I stand do a huge fanny fart!!! OMG, laying with a speculum was not a good idea!

Anyway ive been temping & my temp went up only 1 degree this morning, all OPKS have been negative so can only presume I did ov yesterday .... fingers crossed as I get all OCD about the 2ww.

Ps I did an ov test this morning & had too do a pregnancy test... I just cant help it lol

good luck to everyone & sorry for the long post xx

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  • Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha OMG that's hilarious!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Ive juat laughed out loud like a nutter in the street on my own!! Glad you managed to catch the surge though! Good luck with it, exciting!! Oh and what an awesome friend that you are helping your mate out with all of your struggles, high fives!xx

  • Thanks, if you could have seen the concentration on my hubbys face when he was doing it while staring intensely at my cervix. To think a month ago he didn't know I even had one! Hes freaked out by all blood guts & medical shows so I'm impressed with how hes handled doing this lol. Good luck with your injections, hope you don't get too many side effects! xx

  • Oh the romance! Good luck sweetie, to both of you - you sound an awesome team. You are a real role model you know ... your positivity, bravery and humour through all of this are an inspiration xxx

  • What a fabby husband you have! I dont think mine would know where to start!! Thanks for your wishes, Im not starting until september cycle so a wee while to go yet. Just taking DHEA in prep at the mo!xx

  • So so funny and to be fair the box for the garden sounds great (get on Pinterest for ideas) πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Good luck really hope it works and in years to come you will sit back and laugh at these moments xxx

  • Well hubby has now come to terms with the fact we have to return it or pay 100euro a month till we do. He's a right magpie, I've just found a blow up monkey under our bed.... he came back from a stag do 2weekends ago & it came into his possession then πŸ˜‚ he doesn't even know how but couldn't leave it

  • Just brilliant!! Wishing you luck. X

  • Thank you xx

  • Jesus Christ you are soooo bloody funny ha ha ha ha ha. My husband would oass out if he had to do that im sooo rooting for you lovely xxxx

  • I'm surprised mine didn't tbh, thank you though. Good luck to you xx

  • Omg! That just made me giggle! Keeping everything crossed for you both! Xx

  • Thank you, good luck to you xx

  • Poochi

    You've definately lost your way.... You should be on Tv you've had me giggling like mad reading this post... I was reading it out to oh when we were having tea and he nearly choked on his chicken!!!!!!

    Good luck with it xxx

  • I am totally blushing right now 😊 thanks. Good luck to you both xx

  • We are both rooting for you πŸ˜„ Lots of luck xx

  • Ha ha ha I did exactly the same, my hubbys face was a picture!!x

  • Love it. x

  • HAHAHAHA I am laughing at my desk - mostly at the 'fanny fart'!!! Ohmigod what a carry on! At least it's done now and you're in the 2ww - lots and lots of luck to you :) x x x

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