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Graves’ disease after IVF

After a failed IVF cycle I got diagnosed with Graves’ disease, so my frozen embryo transfer has been put on hold until this is fixed, I got given different options, due to my age 36 this year and severe endometriosis they have advised me to fix this problem ASAP, the specialist did tell me it can go away on its own but this would take up to a year and half possibly, which is a long time to put the next cycle on hold, he told me the best option was to start taking tablets then see how I go and operate, has any one else been in a situation like this where they had to try to fix this before the next round? How long did it take to stabilize? What decision did you take? As I’ve had a lot of issues with my endometriosis and had an operation last year (that’s when my doctors advised me to start ivf ASAP) my boyfriend finds it a bit severe to go for another operation to remove my thyroid, just a bit lost on what is best to do? He also mentioned the radiation option but said it’s not always guaranteed, my boyfriend has taken it harder than me and thinks there is no chance we will ever have a baby.

Also looking into cutting out gluten and starting an anti inflammatory diet, and take selenium and omega 3 etc...

If anyone has been in similar situation like this would be nice to hear your story, trying to stay positive! Wishing you all a good day✨✨✨🙂 thanks xxx

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