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Struggling after failed IVF

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Hi all, we had our first IVF, everything went well, 12 eggs fertilised and 5 made it to blastocyst. 1 was put back in and 4 frozen. I was told that they were good quality eggs. My clinic was worried that I would get OHSS after egg retrieval, as I have PCOS, I was okay with that too. But 7 days after ET I started to bleed, it was not heavy at first and clinic said it was old blood and not to worry but then it became heavy and red and the clinic said it did not look good. I was still asked to do the pregnancy test which as expected was a BFN. The clinic said they had not come across many other patients who started to bleed 7 days after transfer. Has anyone else had this? Did the clinic explain why it happened? Did they change anything for the next IVF cycle? We have our follow up appointment next week. Did anyone get a second opinion? I have recently started counselling and that is helping. Also going back to work soon so maybe getting back to normal may help. Thanks

18 Replies
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You had what we called implantation failure and during your appointment normally the clinic will change some procedures. first ivf is like a trial so the clinic will know what they need to do next on the 2nd cycle xx

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Natasha83 in reply to BabyLucas

Thanks for your reply. Feeling quite nervous about the follow up appointment but if they do us a different plan then hopefully we can start to look forward to the next cycle. I had the same thing happen when I had IUI so I will remind them of this at the follow up. Xx

Hey yes I bled 8 days after and had 2 weeks with awful ohss. This time it's a egg collection and all frozen and got my period 7 days after egg collection even taking progesterone.

Ivf is a strange thing and can really affect your cycle.

Sending you lots of love and luck xx

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Hello. So sorry to hear this. I have had this happen to me. Exactly on day 7. The cruel thing is you have to still take meds and still test. But they have to be sure what's going on. They will look at what they can possibly to help it not happen again. Like increase the pressaries from the start. But no guarantee it will of course. I didn't get second opinion but that's because my consultant was very good. Good luck with what toi decide to do. Lots and lots of love. Xxzx

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Hi, I'm sorry that you both went through the same. It is so difficult and confusing and as you said Piglet123 taking the medications knowing deep down it has not worked makes it even harder.

Thanks for your wishes, good luck your journeys too. Xx

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Hi, I started bleeding heavy 5 days after transfer, obviously knew it was a bfn then as it was definitely a period. Having follow up appointment in December so would love to hear how you get on next week, what they say about bleeding etc. I took two days off work after I just couldn't face it there was no way I could function, and then went back normally, I guess it was good because it took my mind off things but doesn't always work. Hope all goes well at the follow up and they answer all your questions xx

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Natasha83 in reply to glover97

Sorry you went through the same. Yes I will definitely let you know what they say in the follow up. I just hope there is something they can change for the next cycle. xx

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Hi natasha83. We had a very similar thing happen and had our follow up appointment last month. We are having endoscrath and endo glue for second cycle and poss 2 blastocyst transferred. Also changing to a low dose of menopor to try and reduce risk of ohss. My consultant is positive for round 2 as there is nothing obviously wrong. Sometimes we just need that bit of luck! Good luck at your appointment. ☺

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Natasha83 in reply to Lamb82

Hi lamb82, sorry to hear that. But I'm glad that they have a different plan for you for the next one. Are you doing a fresh cycle or FET? I have read about the glue and endoscrath and will mention it to my consultant if she does not bring it up. Did your consultant change your progesterone as well? Do you take pessaries or injections? I was given Cabagoline for OHSS and told to drink atleast 2 litres of water a day, and it worked for me as I was okay even though they said I was very high risk to get it. Thanks & good luck for you second cycle. Xx

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Lamb82 in reply to Natasha83

We have to do a fresh as although we got 11 fertilised only got 1 grade a blastocyst 😟. My progesterone levels have been good so they haven't mentioned increasing this, although that might change. Good luck! X

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Natasha83 in reply to Lamb82

Atleast you know what to expect for the second cycle. Hope it all goes well and thanks for the advice. Xx

in reply to Lamb82

Grade a and blasto is great, you only need one

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Hi all, I had my follow up appointment and this is what the consultant said. With the bleeding she said that implantation happens 3 days after blastocyst transfer, if implantation fails then the bleed can happen anytime after that. The progesterone is preventing the bleed from happening straight away which is why all of us who have been in this situation have had a bleed some point after the 3 days within the 2 week wait. She has asked us to try naturally for the next few months and changed the progesterone pessaries to Crinone gel. When we do our FET we will take Gestone injections for progesterone. She did say she may do an aqua scan a month before the FET, which can help with implantation. Has anyone had this?

Sorry to hear all ur experiences. We have had 3 different protocols and sadly nothing has worked still having to take silly meds until tomorrow even though nothing will change and every test is still negative😢

All been fresh cycles, 1 bleed at 9 days 2 blasts @ 5 days bfn. 2 3 day no bleed bfn, 3 2 grade a blasts, no bleed bfn. All fresh cycles no Frosties.

So numb I can't even cry but just move on. Cruel isn't the word unexplainable pain and defeat.

Good luck to you all.

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Natasha83 in reply to

Hi Tamtam1, I'm sorry to hear that, it is so difficult when we are doing everything to get pregnant and it doesn't work. Has your clinic done tests to find out what's going on? I have read about tests like hysteroscopy and Immunology testing. I had my tubes checked but never heard of an aqua scan until the consultant mentioned it. From my what my consultant said sometimes it's just not the right embryo even the top graded one's sometimes just don't take. Don't lose hope it will happen for you. Good luck to you too. Xx

Hey lady

I have had NK cell, Thrombophilla, myomectemy (fibroid removal), thyroid, lap and dye ( I have one blocked tube), you name it 😢

Your right maybe the eggs just ain't the right cut but it's still never easy.

Will ask about the scan though sure he did mention it but just more and more

Money each time we are at best 15k in and hoping to get married 2017 sometimes enough is enough I can spend my whole lollife chasing and not get anywhere gonna be 42 next year sadly so time to call

It a day. Considering one more round but not sure but raw right now.

Good luck with your journey though 😘

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Thanks. I know it's very difficult physically, emotionally and financially. You just have to do what feels right for you but does seem like you need a break from it all for a few months and then you can review your options. Not sure if you have tried counselling but I've always found it helpful. xx

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Sorry to hear that dear, In March it also happen to me to bleed heavily with clots after 9days of embryo and my test results were negative

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