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My Thyroxine to stop after delivery?

Hi all

Im a bit confused and wondered whether there was any advice on here from anyone.

My thyroid levels were 4.4 i think when i got prescribed thyroxine; i got pregnant straight away and was told the thyroid levels should be between 1-2 ideally for pregnancies (although its possible to get pregnant with higher levels).

After starting on a dose of 25mcg i upped to 50mcg during pregnancy and had my follow up apt today with endocrinologist.

I got told that although the levels are now 2.6 its still near the high range for a pregnant lady so hence the dose is upped to 75mcg. All good an well.

Now this is the confusing bit. The dr said that had i not been trying to get pregnant they wouldnt have considered giving me thyroxine, despite all symptoms etc. He has advised one week after birth of baby i totally stop my meds and he will review it as a follow up blood test.

Surely if in pregnancy i have had to up the dosages, suddenly stopping them and claiming I won’t need it at all could have an adverse impact on my health.

Am i the only one who feels this is odd?!

Any comments will be appreciated ☺️

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That's insane! I've never been given that advice and Im on the pregnancy increased dose one year after giving birth.

I would get that advice checked as in my opinion your body will be reliant on the levo and even if your sub clinical it won't cure hypothyroidism!

OK have a blood test and maybe reduce down the line but your baby has their own thyroid after the first trimester so your level is reflective of how your body is coping not the babies.

I've never heard any endo Consultant giving advice like that. It's a new one to me... Xx


Thanks for ur reply, i felt like maybe i am wrong to think this was a little insane?! I have another consultant who is a gynaecologist and i will ask her specifically as she may know better about the impact on me especially as I plan to breastfeed 🤱🏻☺️

Did u find that after birth u needed more?

I’d rather not be on it but if it is balancing my hormones i dont see the issue tbh x


I didn't need more no, but I'm still breastfeeding on demand 13 months on. I spoke to my GP today off topic and dropped in your scenario and he too said very unlikely that would be good advice. Xx


you mentioned thyroid results but not whether it was TSH or T3/T4. From the numbers it sounds like TSH. Lots of doctors do not treat hypothyroidism unless the TSH is above 10 but will treat if you are trying to conceive. Every doctor has a different plan to coming off thyroxine and some of it depends on whether you had positive thyroid antibody results. Maybe write to your consultant about your concerns-sometimes they suggest a reduction with blood tests rather than stopping completely. Good luck!


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