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Thyroxine after BFP? Taking drugs scares me! Anyone taken thyroxine through pregnancy? And was all ok?

Hi all, after many treatments finally a BFP that has stuck around for a couple of weeks (others all faded away). I am on thyroxine, 1 a day to keep levels lower than my natural 2.8. Been told to carry on for now, Has anyone taken this through pregnancy? Was everything ok? Starting to really worry! 😱

Thank you and good luck to all you amazing ladies xx

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Big hope- congrats!!


It's VITAL you take the Levo as prescribed, chances are that will Increase maybe once or twice through pregnancy. I'm on 125 and my TSH is 1.1 right now. They want it to be under 2 all the way through. I'm 27 Weeks and I'm certain the fact I had raised TSH was a contributor to not getting pregnant for so many years and then holding on to that pregnancy.(mine was nearer 5 at some point)

The baby doesn't develop its own thyroid until 12 weeks, so it depletes the maternal thyroid. you need to have enough to support you both.

Takes a month to make a difference to your body and you will need to have repeat bloods every 4-6 weeks.

I was reluctant to start taking it as It's usually lifelong medication, but I've been in it since 2014 and I feel physically a lot better for it 😊

sounds like with a tsh like yours you might have sub-clinical hypothyroid, and that's easy to control with levo. I'm on such a high dose as I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is the full blown version. But I was very symptomatic of it. Freezing cold all the time, stopped ovulating, weight gain, the whole lot. Sub clinical means sometimes your thyroid just needs a big of a nudge 😊

Levo is NOTHING to worry about 😊 Especially the dose your on. Don't worry!

They may refer you to a endocrine specialist at some point, or just mange you through your normal GP. you also get extra growth scans too In your last trimester. 👌

Really is a tiny adjustment that will give you baby a big helping hand. ❤️

PM me if there's anything else you want to know.

And congrats again 👏🍾🍼🎉



Thank you so much miss winky for your helpful and detailed response, it was very reassuring 😊 Hope you're well xx


Your welcome ❤️ Xx


As soon as you get a bfp your doctor should put your dose up by a third if you're on less than 100mcg levothyroxine or by half if you're on 100mcg or more. GPs are often not up to date or knowledgeable but midwives should be. So I was on 75mcg before my last pregnancy and went up to 100mcg during. Levels were checked at 16 and 28 weeks. My dose didn't need to change again but it's important they are checked at each trimester because the range that is acceptable changed in each trimester slightly. Post birth you can go back to your original dose.

I'm pregnant now and was back on 100mcg to get to below 2.5 before ICSI and am now on 150mcg. Levothyroxine must be taken at least half an hour before food and caffeine with a full glass of water. So best taken first thing in the morning while you're still in bed.

If you think your GP or midwife doesn't know enough, join the thyroid group on here and ask for your actual levels from your practice and share with the group. They will advise if changes are needed. OR ask midwife to seek advice from an endocrinologist for you. Mine did that and the advice was different from what my GP had told me. I went with the expert's opinion.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!


Hi are you able to share the link to the thyroid group as I have hypothyroidism and would love to join such a forum.

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Yes please to the link!


Thankyou Ally X


Thank you Ally, really helpful, there's so much to learn on this journey! Much of it I've learnt on here 😊 Hope alls well with you xx


Hi Bighope4. only just read your post. First of all congratulations on a positive test result, and of course for your ongoing pregnancy. I'm sure you will have read by now, that it is important to continue with your thyroxine, as it is an important hormone that needs to be regulated. You may find that you have to increase the dose while you are pregnant, but your specialist will give you your best advice. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you Diane, I feel very reassured 😊


Hi Bighope4. Good luck with it all. I'm sure you will be well looked after. Diane


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