My Fallopian tubes are damaged - advise needed please!!!

Hi Girls,

had a Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy just before the weekend due to PCOS. They did ovarian drilling on one of my ovaries and was told that the PCOS is not severe at all and there is no endo but one of my fallopian tube is severely damaged and the second one is a bit leaky. I was devastated to hear that and have been crying ever since. Surgeon wanted to clip my tubes but did not have my prior consent so did not do it. Wish they had asked my prior consent as i may have to go through another lap to have them closed/clipped now ;(

i am now told to try naturally for couple of months to see if i conceive but any pregnancy now would need to be very closely monitored due to a high risk of an ectopic pregnancy which could be very dangerous. I am further advised that if no success within couple of months, then i must go down the IVF route. My chances for natural conception are minimal and will most probably need to go down the IVF route with my partner. I already blew all my savings/credit on these 2 procedures and pretty sure (after doing tons of research) that my local CCG will not cover my IVF as my hubby already has a child from previous relationship. Although the child does not live with us neither have i ever met her. Its so unfair of NHS and i feel totally helpless ;( what should i do, change the areas and move to a new town where they accept IVF for someone whose partner already has a child? will it work? i am so desperate for a child but all the doors are being shut on my face !! I'm crying as i write this...

I got a follow up consultation appointment on Friday to have the stitched removed at the same time. what questions should i be asking my surgeon? Please help

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  • Hi Scarlett101. I was so sorry to hear all this, such a lot for you to have to go through, and such a shock too. Not too sure what you know about this condition, so I will cover it as best I can, with apologies if you already know some of it. The condition that is affecting the one tube is called “hydrosalpinx”, which when translated, simply means water in the tube! Fallopian tubes have a natural lubrication in them to allow sperm to swim and the egg to travel down. Occasionally, the end of the tube(s) called “fimbriae” can stick together. This then blocks the “exit” for excess fluid to escape. There is then only one way out for this fluid and that is through the womb end of the tube. Many consultants now believe that this excess of fluid can prevent implantation of a developing embryo, as it can be “washed” out. Because of this the tube is often dealt with by removing the whole tube, or by clipping it/them. Regarding funding for IVF, you could always try appealing to your CCG, citing that you do not have any children. Occasionally, a CCG will allow a cycle of treatment. Also, if you are 35 or under, you could possibly offer yourself as an egg donor, giving up half of any eggs collected during a cycle of IVF in exchange for your treatment or part payment in a private clinic. This is an awful lot for you to take on board, but whatever is decided I do wish you both well and good luck on Friday. Diane

  • Hi Diane, thank you so much for such a detailed and informative response, and your lovely wishes for us. This info will surely make me more prepared for my upcoming consultation. Some stuff contains medical jargon which i am not familiar with may be someone here can interpret this for me.

    My personal conclusion is that my Right ovary has been drilled and the Right Tube has been flushed open and left tube is blocked/damaged although the left ovary is fine. Surgeon has mentioned adhesions a lot in this letter, should i be asking her something about that too?

    I have also reviewed the funding policy of my local CCG which clearly states that they will not fund any cycle of IVF if either partner has a living child (my hubby has a 9 year old from previous relationship and she lives with her mother not with us).

    Do you guys think i should still go ahead with referral and then appeal if i get rejected or just move to another area. has anyone been through this?

    Let me share the operation report here so you can see whether there is something else i should be asking my surgeon on Friday:

    OPERATION DETAIL: Hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, adhesiolysis, dye test and ovarian drilling

    ANAESTHESIA: General


    Normal vagina and vulva. Normal cervix. Hysteroscopy showed normal cavity. Both cornual

    orifices noted. Laparoscopy showed infection in the pelvis with multiple adhesions. The tubes were damaged, severely distorted and clubbed at the fimbrial end. The right tube was opened with high pressure. The left was blocked. Upper abdominal perihepatic adhesions were present due to infection in the pelvis. Right ovary was bulky and polycystic pattern. Left ovary was normal.


    Abdomen cleaned and draped and bladder was catheterised. A routine hysteroscopy showed good

    view and no abnormality. Routine laparoscopy first attempt good view achieved. Further trocars were inserted under direct vision, adhesiolysis and ovarian drilling on one ovary was carried out.

    Prolene was used to close the skin incisions. Azithromycin 1g given to the patient before discharge.


    She will be discharged the next day with a follow up appointment in one week.

    Thank you for reading and any help and advice would be highly appreciated

  • Hi scarlett101 . I know how u feel . We being trying for over 4 years . In 2014 I had laparoscopy and hysteroscopy . Result was that my both tubes was block😔 In Dec the same year I had operation to remove my left tube . After 2h operation they decide that right tube need to be removed it was to much fluid which will effect my left one . The left one been open and repair after recovery I had dye test and my tube was ok ...but even so my doc told us that if we get pregnant naturaly we can end up with ectopic pregnancy and he recommended go for IVF . Well first cycle didn't work and for almost a year we being trying till we decide to go for second cycle . Hun it's hard I know we all know here there always is question why me but trust me think what u want to do get us much info u can and do it . Stay positive but first try relax and "have bit fun "...trying 😉 Xx

  • Hi Scarlett101. I will translate all this for you when back in office tomorrow. Diane

  • Hi Scarlett101. As promised, an explanation of your questions. Drilling your right ovary will allow some open pathways for an egg to be released into a developing follicle. So your right side will now give you the best chance of a natural conception, providing that sperm count is normal. The left ovary will ovulate, but the egg will not be able to get into the left tube, as explained earlier. Should you need IVF then both ovaries can be stimulated in readiness for egg collection. The right tube cannot attract the egg from the left ovary. So as a general rule your ovaries do tend to ovulate alternatively each month if working properly. Regarding adhesions, I would imagine that your consultant has done her best to laser as much as possible of these away. Obviously, the infection that you had has been responsible for the adhesions, and is most commonly caused by chlamydia. However, whatever the cause, you have been prescribed a good antibiotic. All adhesions were found to be peripheral (on the surface). The right bulky ovary dealt with by ovarian drilling. The hysteroscopy was all OK showing normal womb construction and corneal orifices (where the tubes join the womb). All in all I feel you have been examined and treated well, as all the findings were dealt with at the time. Regarding CCG’s – that’s a whole new ball game, and as you say, even with appealing I doubt you would get any funding – you can always try! Good luck with whatever course of treatment is decided. Diane

  • Hi Diane, Thanks ever so much for dissecting my operation report-so kind of you, really ! Now it makes much more sense to me. The thing is that I never ever had Chlamydia so not sure why this happened to my tubes.

    Regarding IVF, yes you are absolutely right. I must give it a go if i don't fall pregnant naturally within next couple of months and if i get refused by my CCG, i will just try my luck by appealing against the decision.

  • Hi Scarlett101. If you go to our website you will be able to access a template appeal letter for you to use if you prefer. Click on the NHS tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the pink writing. One of these is a template letter of appeal. Good luck! Diane

  • Thanks ever so much Diane,

    i am going to need that Appeal Letter (and it looks good i just checked) as i had a call yesterday saying that my application for IVF funding has been refused. It was such a swift response from my CCG citing that my hubby already has a child from previous relationship so there is nothing to consider and i failed their criteria. Cannot afford IVF privately so only hope now is that the appeal letter works ;(

  • Try and get your GP to back up the appeal too. Massive luck! Diane

  • thanks a lot Diane ;)

  • Hi,

    I understand how you feel. I had blocked Fallopian tubes and had surgery on both and still didn't conceive, I had an ectopic and had one removed and the other clipped and we have gone down the IVF route and we are still on our journey, don't give up you will get there it may take longer than expected but we all have to have Hope and that one day it will work.

    It has for others so why not for us. Don't give up.

    Take care of yourself.

    Kelly xx

  • hi Kelly, thank you for sharing your story with me. It's good to know that i'm not alone in this and help is available by others in similar situation to mine.

    may i ask you couple of things:

    1) Is ectopic pregnancy always terminated by surgery and removal of tubes ? is it done through c-section or laparoscopy? or there is another way of terminating it as i'm little scared about it? i have been told its a high chance in my case should i fall pregnant.

    2) how long on average is the wait in London/England for IVF or are you going private?


  • Hi,

    I understand you have questions and ask away. I'm glad to help.

    1) our first IVF cycle we got pregnant and it ended in chemical pregnancy (miscarriage) and ectopic. The operation was 4 small cuts so not a c section. I didn't know they would remove it but my consultant said it was very big and damaged and because we would try again clipped the other one because I was told I was high risk for another ectopic possibly.

    2) The wait isn't long where I am, you could find out information and get the ball rolling so your on the list.

    How are you? It's a lot to take in, I found it hard to know I can't conceive naturally but it wasn't meant to be for me but there are other ways and a lot of people have to go down the same road as us.

    You will get there and your not alone.

    Kelly xx

  • Hi I'm sorry to read your story. My husband also has a daughter from a previous (she's 21) so there's no way I could have funding for Ivf try. I have never even looked in to the fact whether you can appeal but it definately has to be worth the fight. I don't think moving will change things as your medical record will follow you.

    On a positive note I have a friend who had life threatening tube problems and against the odds she went on to have two little girls pretty soon after her surgery was complete. Hope you find some light at the end of the tunnel and don't lose hope. All the best xx

  • A massive thanks to all of you girls. Your words really encourage me not to lose hope as i have been crying profusely since my operation knowing that I may never get pregnant naturally and to make things worse that my local CCG would not cover me for IVF as my dh has a child from previous relationship. I have now decided to stay positive and not give up hope until i get pregnant ;)

    @Diane - thank you for all the help and will look forward to your reply about my operation report.

    @Mrsjj - this policy that one can't have IVF because one of the partner has living children GP says that it won't really be worth appealing against the decision should I get rejected for IVF funding but i will still definitely appeal if i get rejected or move areas and apply in the new area as it is still worth a shot. There is absolutely no way we could afford IVF privately by ourselves. the govt really needs to do more for people like us.

    @Kelly-03 - thanks for the detailed answer to my question and so happy to have found this support group. i think i would have gone mad otherwise.

    @Olivia1980xxx - this is exactly i been asking myself, "Why me?" but guess i just got to move on and live my life and be extremely patient even though its been many many years since we have been ttc. Have you gone to private IVF or NHS? if NHS, can you please tell me what area you are in and how many cycles are funded by NHS in that area?


  • Hi,

    Glad we can help you, if you need anything else, please ask.

    Thinking of you.

    Kelly X

  • Thank you Kelly ;)

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