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Embarrassing question🙈

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This is so embarrassing but I didn’t know the answer and I search google and found lots of different answers! So ,is it ok to have an orgasem after embryo transfer or it’s harmful for the embryo?sorry again😥 xx

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Hi Anna,

Where fertility is concerned I’m pretty sure our dignity is pushed out the window so don’t ever worry about asking a question!

I was told not to have sex for at least 5 days post ET. I’ve googled and read so many different things during this process but I’m sure I read somewhere that orgasms make the uterus contract? Which is why people avoid it. Not sure how true that is but possibly safer to wait.

Hope you’re doing ok! Xx

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Anna00 in reply to Laura_beth

Thanks Laura! It so was embarrassing to ask. Yeah I read lots of different things some said it’s good some said it’s bad for the same reason you said. My clinic gave me a list and it said it’s ok to have intercourse after ET but orgasem is different I guess. Worth to wait!😁🙈xx

I had the same quandry when in the 2ww and read that the rush of blood to the surface might actually help implantation so I carried on orgasming as normal (I sleep better when I do) and got a BFP. 😊

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Anna00 in reply to vansoire

Thanks vansoire, I heard the same from lots of people and my clinic said it’s ok. Who know which one is better really have it or not have!🤔 hope I get the BFP xx

Hi, I think the responses show no one really knows for certain. After my ET I got a list of things to do/not to do and my clinic said it was ok to have sex and orgasem if you want to.

I think just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Good luck and I hope the 2ww isn’t driving you too crazy! Xx

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Anna00 in reply to Vicky35

Thanks Vicky! Don’t know why clinics give different advices! It’s the same treatment! They confuse people.

Omg I hate this 2ww🤦🏻‍♀️9 more days🤞🏻Xx

Really! Thanks Flogirl, don’t know why mine said it’s ok, so confusing x

So confusing how all the clinics give different advice. Mine said no intercourse for 2 weeks after EC xx

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Anna00 in reply to TTCs

I know!why they doing that really?!🤔 mine said it’s ok to have intercourse does that mean orgasem is ok too?! Do you why yours said no? Hope you’re ok xx

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TTCs in reply to Anna00

I would imagine if they said intercourse is ok then orgasm is too, its not exactly something u can prevent as such 🙈

I have no idea why mine says to wait 2 weeks but double checked paper work and does say it. So confusing Xx

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Anna00 in reply to TTCs

Yeah so confusing. Thanks TTCs xx

No need to be embarrassed!

My clinic has always said to avoid sex before the pregnancy tests, but I think unless you’re planning to swing from a chandelier, and take it a bit easy then I’m sure it’s fine! Xx

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Anna00 in reply to Aleelilook

Thanks Aleelilook! I didn’t mean to have crazy sex!🙈 just wanted to make sure is it ok and it’s not harmful for my little embryo xx

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Aleelilook in reply to Anna00


No sex and nothing that makes the uterus contract I was told for 2 weeks

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Anna00 in reply to

Thanks xx

I can’t remember what our clinic told us but will double check on our next cycle but we have stayed clear of sex for the 1st few weeks and they tell us no baths or swimming for 2 weeks or so xxx

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Anna00 in reply to 80sDiva

Yes mine told no bath and swimming too,but said intercourse is ok a day after ET! It’s confusing,so better stay clear I guess xx

Hi my clinic has given me diazepam to take one twice a day to relax uterus as they do not want contractions. They say it can contract by having embryos/ blastocyst and the little fluid in uterus as it is a foreign object so diazepam relaxes it. With that in mind I would assume climaxing would cause the contraction they want to avoid! I’m just guessing. Good luck xx

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Anna00 in reply to

Really! Diazepam! This is the first time I’m hearing this. So better stay clear. Thanks good luck to you too xx

Related but slightly different, last time I was pregnant (super early days, maybe 4/5 weeks) I had an orgasm which kind of made my uterus completely spasm, it was quite painful. I read up online about it and apparently it can be quite common in early pregnancy. The overall consensus was that it was nothing to worry about but I found it too uncomfortable to want to risk repeating it!

Really! Thanks Lizzie xx

Hi, Anna) Hmm..interesting question, I have never heard about it, but if you are worried it's better to wait till you can enjoy it fully^^ There are some small things you can do to make it easy for the embryo... Usually, a fertility specialist will suggest the following


1. Avoid strenuous workouts and extreme sports

2. Lead a normal life. There is no need to be on bed-rest

3. The doctor would have suggested a set of tablets / gel / creams / injections for luteal phase support. Take these diligently. These are supplements to assist implantation.

4. Stress is a major contributor to negative results. So plan your day and life accordingly to reduce stress. Ex Plan your commute to avoid traffic, avoid those friends and relatives who are certain to make life difficult for you, accept only those responsibilities at home or work which you are sure will NOT make you stressed.

5. Invest quality time on meditation and pranayama. They will help by reducing your stress levels

6. Do not take any other medication without your fertility doctor's advice. If you have a cold or running a temperature etc., please consult your fertility specialist before taking any other medication

Hope it helps!

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