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Embarrassing question TMI!

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Hi guys, I posted a few days ago about increased vaginal discharge and if it meant I was ovulating! Currently on cycle 3 of clomid! However it doesn’t seem to have gotten any better and is quite a strong smell, I did a bacterial vaginosis test from the chemist and that came back negative and I have no other symptoms of anything just feel like I can smell this strong smell and super conscious of this, has anyone else struggled with this? Could it be clomid? And with it being Christmas time my clinic is closed and my doctors is fully booked!

Thanks x

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Hi Materialbarbie. Yes, it is most likely the effect of the Clomid. Seems to be making you ovulate, so that can only be good. Hope you get a result. Diane

Thanks so much Diane! Got my fingers crossed! I’ve asked Santa for a Christmas miracle 😂! Xxx

Hi, me again ;-) The only time I ovulated on Clomid I had the same. This discharge went on for nearly 2 weeks (I ovulated aftetr CD30 so not even the climic expected anything). And during my ovulation time (now on another drug) my what my husband calls woman-smell is getting stronger. I would take this as a good sign that ovulation is coming closer. Are you monitored somehow (urine or so)?


Hi lovely thanks for the reply! I’ve been into our urgent care centre and I have an infection in the lady garden area😩! Can’t catch a break at the minute so on antibiotics! I’ve been taking opks but they’ve all been negative so I thought it seemed strange then I woke up today with bad pelvic pain so thought I best get it checked and yes infection 😪xx

Oh no hun, I am.so sorry to hear that. I hope the antibiotics are kicking in fast and you still have a good chance this cycle! I hope you (and all the rest of the community) can forget about all this for the next couple of days! Have a lovely christmas. xx

Fingers crossed! They seem to be kicking in! I’m trying not to think too much about it lovely!

Have a great Christmas and few days! 🎄🎁❤️Xx

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