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Hi this is my first ivf round and tomorrow is embryo transfer ... i keep hearing on these sights that you wait 2 weeks and then you do a pregnancy test. My question is if it all comes back positive how is it possible to misscarry a few weeks or months in to pregnancy ? I mean what are the reasons why this happens ? Sorry bit of a silly question but i just dont understand it xx

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  • I think early miscarriage is very common up until 12 weeks the pregnancy is not deemed particularly safe. After 12 weeks the babies chance of survival improves.

  • Hey thank you for your reply it makes more sense now to me . What an awful thing to go through . Xx

  • Hi yes it's awful. I haven't had a miscarriage but my sister in law did it was an eptopic pregnancy where the baby grew in the wrong place. The awful thing about ivf is we know we are pregnant so early on.It prob increaseincreases our chance of miscarriage as we are more stressed x

  • I think naturally 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 of pregnancies naturally end in miscarriage. Most of the time it would be too early for people to even know they were pregnant to begin with. There are loads of different reasons why this might happen, genetics/ egg quality etc etc quite often they don't know why. With us .. we are obviously hyper aware of our pregnancy status from day one and some of us have a slightly higher chance for a variety of reasons. It's horrid and brutal but a bfp is just the first (very important and exciting) milestone towards a successful pregnancy. The beta blood tests are important they tell you how well things are going in the early days and then obviously you have the scans ... but honestly just try to take each step forward as a mini success and try not to think too far ahead. Really good luck with you ET tomorrow, I am certain all will be fine. Good luck x

  • The 2 weeks wait after embryo transfer is the longest wait ever. I got a postive with my first cycle of icsi in June and then went for my scan at 6 weeks to say everything was OK. Had a scan at 8 weeks and was told we had lost it. There are no specific reasons why this happens. Ivf is a very hard emotional struggle and you will get through it. We are about to start our frozen cycle this week so hopefully we will get more positive news this time. Good luck with yours. ☺

  • I agree take each step as they come. BFP is the first small success, this happened with me on my first round of IVF and we had a scan at 7 weeks heart beat seen and week after at 8 weeks heartbeat had stopped! It is such a cruel world and so hard emotionally too.

    I'm going for a full cycle again in October !

    Good luck and all the best xx

  • Hi Keeley

    This site has some useful information: however be careful, don't get paranoid, you have every chance of a succesful pregnancy.

    Best of luck xx

  • Mcs might be also caused by chromosomal issues. In case of recurrent mcs, docs usually recommend combining ivf with PGS NGS

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