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Hi. We qualify for one fresh and one frozen transfer where we live and I’m curious what happens if there aren’t any to freeze after our first round? Do we then not get another try or would be get another fresh try instead? From what I’ve read some women have enough to freeze but some only end up with one embryo so therefore nothing to put in the freezer?

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It is so strange that they specify fresh or frozen in your area. As some people medically cannot have a fresh transfer if their hormone levels are too high after egg collection. At least that is what I was told.

In my area if there was nothing to freeze after 1st round then we would have a whole other IVF round...

Sorry I am not much help....


Hi, I’m incredibly lucky to get 3 rounds on the NHS - each round consists of a fresh and frozen transfer but, unfortunately, if you have no frozen embryos then you don’t get a fresh cycle in its place. I would double check with your local CCG (or GP/clinic). As EB2001 says though, some people are unable to have fresh transfers -but I have no idea if they’d then get 2 frozen transfers?? Sorry if I’ve confused matters even further!! Good luck and hope you get your answer soon xx

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Hi Strawberry17. I would check with your CCG but I think it would be horrible luck, they wouldn’t offer another fresh go because of the expense! If you are lucky for it to work on your first go, and get some frozen, you would be charged for their storage and for transfer further down the line if you wanted to have another baby. They could also be transferred to another clinic if you want. However many cycles the NHS grant you, once you have your baby, any other cycles are forfeited. You have just the one baby with the NHS. Hope that helps and good luck! Diane

My CCG offer one fresh and two frozen cycles. If you didn’t have any Frosties from the first round then they don’t offer you anything at all I’m afraid.

I couldn’t have a fresh transfer as I was at risk of OHSS so I’m now entitled to three frozen transfers, as the reason I couldn’t proceed was medical. Unfortunately every CCG is different so you’ll have to check with yours! Good luck x

In our area they won’t give you another fresh round even if you have no frozen. My clinic said they get Frosties from 50% of ladies. Not sure if this is a comparable figure with other clinics but I found it interesting to know.

How long until you can start?

We’re not sure as yet as we’re right at the beginning of this whole process and are awaiting our first appointment with a consultant. They said there isn’t a long wait in Kingston though so that’s something. X

I think you’ll feel a lot better once you get started and 🤞🏻it will work first time so you won’t need to worry. We only waited six weeks here in Northamptonshire x

Thank you. My friends keep saying I should believe it will work as positive thoughts will help but I’m finding it hard to be that positive. I’m working on it though! x

I’m not sure positive thoughts make a difference to the outcome but they definitely make the process more enjoyable.

Thanks everyone. Really appreciate your help xx

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