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Embarrassing question

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Hi all. So I had my last scan today. I was told I had nine follicles which I’m so excited about. One follie is 25mm though so that isn’t being used. I have egg collection on Monday at 10am. So I’m hoping for a least four to be collected as I have a few late developers. Guess I will find out Monday. I’m not getting my hopes up as my first cycle we only ended up with one egg and unfortunately only made it to day three. So I’m being a bit reserved this time. What will be will be.....

So my question is...

Is it normal to be seriously wanting a bit of the other? I haven’t had it since we started even though my partners sperm is non swimmers due to having cancer when he was 18. We just wanted everything to be fresh and not disturbed if that makes any sense at all. So due to his sperm being non swimmers would it be ok to have wink wink, or would you suggest to stay away till after egg collection.

Thank you for taking time to reply xx

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I don't really know the ins and outs of this (doh! Sorry couldn't resist) Don't be embarrassed though it's a good question! I wish I'd felt up to it at that point but my ovaries were the size of oranges (it felt like)!

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Hi hun. Yes my ovaries feel the same. But considering how much meds I’m pumping into my system and how irritated and bloated I feel, you would think that sex or any form of that would be the last thing i would want. But in my case no. I lent over the kitchen side earlier and felt I was gonna topple over coz of how heavy my ovaries feel. Lol. I know there’s no sex after egg collection or after they have been transferred. But before egg collection with a partners sperm being non swimmers I would of thought it would be ok. I’ve only seen negatives about the 2ww. Which is understandable. I might ring my clinic and find out. No harm in asking I guess. Thank you for your response though xx

Morning Kelz84, I have been feeling exactly the same haha as it's been a while but I've been too paranoid because of taking the meds, I was told to abstain last attempt so following the same advice! I could be wrong though so worth asking the question

Hi, I love how you phrase things 😃 I think it's normal to feel more 'in the mood' with all the hormones we get given! I think it's advised to use protection before EC (counter-intuitive I know, but again with all the hormones it's probably just safer).

We were told hubby should ejaculate around the time of trigger shot and then abstain to give best quality sperm. Appreciate your case might be different though so definitely worth checking with your clinic.

Good luck! xx

It won’t make a blind bit of difference xx

On our paperwork for IVF it said it's fine at any point but for the man to abstain from any sexual activity for 2-5 days prior to his sample as they want the best they can get. I'm sure every clinic is different so worth just ringing or see if they've written it in your paperwork. They'll have been asked that question a million times before so don't be embarrassed to ask!

Hi ladies. Well I made the embarrassing phone call and you can have sex before egg collection. 😁

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