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Anything I can do after a mc to help ttc

Hi all,

I am just coming to the end of my first period following a mc conceived after a lap and dye. I am taking vitamin d and folic acid. I will be drinking raspberry leaf tea from the end of my period to ovulation and then pineapple and Brazil nuts for 5 day’s after I ovulate...is there anything else I can do to help get pregnant this month or to help our little one to stay a little linger?

Thanks x

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Just wanted to say I’m sorry for your loss. I also miscarried after getting pregnant for the first time after a lap. I didn’t do anything particular other than minimal caffeine/alcohol. I got pregnant naturally again within a year. Unfortunately we have found out that my husband has a chromosome translocation and this caused me to miscarry again, but before the lap I hadn’t even been able to conceive for over two years so I firmly believe that they “fixed” me at my lap. We were just unlucky that both of us have problems. Keep trying and I’m positive it will happen again for you and have a better outcome xxx


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I’m so sorry, to go through that twice must be hurrendous, I can’t even imagine. Sending you lots of love and baby dust xxx


I know it sounds mad but the second miscarriage was much easier- just knowing what to expect and how to access care made it easier and then I guess I was just lucky it was physically easier too because it was earlier. None of this is easy and I know that for many people it doesn’t help but for me, knowing that I can get pregnant and have been pregnant was a small comfort.

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That is such a huge thing, something I’m so fortunate for. Xx

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