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What can I be doing to better my chances?

Hi girls (and boys).... I find I'm thinking of IVF all the time and always thinking what I can eat/drink/do to help. Feels like everything is now happening very fast and not sure if I'm prepared enough for giving myself the best chance. ...

Im 31, bmi of 30.5 and have PCOS and hub low sperm count. It all felt so far away when we started this process....1.5 years ago we went to our GP, then local fertility specialist and referred to chosen IVF clinic.

Saw them in Dec for tests; had our consultation 4 jan; (have been on metformin since Oct); on the pill now to regulate period so I can start injections at the right time in my cycle; Start injections 10 Feb and all being well EC and ET are end Feb. That's 5 ish weeks away!!!!!!!!

I'm scared, excited, happy, anxious, nervous all rolled into one. ... being a "planner" I deal with things by taking control of what I can. So can anyone tell me what I can be doing to better my chances please?

Already doing:

No caffeine;

no alcohol;

limited refined sugars;

pre-conception vitamin;

metformin (for pcos);

extra folic acid (due to pcos and weight);

extra vitamin D3 (the happiness vitamin);

the pill (prescribed for pcos period regulation);

Drinking lots of water (3 litres a day);

Walk 30 mins every day minimum;

A little yoga 1-2 times a week;

Have lost nearly a stone so far since Nov (to improve overall chances and bring down BMI although our threshold for IVF is a bmi of under 35 which I've got);

Acupuncture once a week and to increase around EC;

Keeping warm on tummy before EC;

Hub is wearing loose boxers and not carrying his phone in his trouser pocket anymore;

Hub is also taking a pre conception vitamin (for men) and has given up caffeine and alcohol;

Have some massages/facials/treats planned for before/after EC to keep calm;

Trying to be stress free by planning days off in work around EC and as much as poss during 2WW after ET.

Foods to avoid:

Sticky foods like peanut butter (due to PCOS); White carbs; white sugars; processed foods and takeaways; toxins and free radicals; Spicy "hot" food after ET; protein powder is a no-no for both of us;

Also avoiding:

Wearing perfume/aftershave (something to do with the toxins); reducing the amount of makeup I wear (scary in itself!) ;-) swimming in cold pools; getting cold (need to be warm on tummy before EC); too much exercise; using the microwave too much; certain plastic containers; unnatural household cleaning products (or washing thoroughly after use);

Specific foods to eat:

Lots of natural organic protein; switched to full fat organic milk to improve egg quality; avocados; pineapple including the core!!; homemade "fertility" granola for breakfast (which contains lots of good nuts and nutrients...recipe by Zita West); a variety of berries for fertility; A good range of vegetables (lots of dark leafy veg) and some fruit; lots of wholegrain, pulses, beans, seeds etc, homemade healthy balanced meals; warming foods.

Please can you share any more tips for before egg collection, before or after transfer?


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Seems like you've got a lot covered in that list!! I haven't even got my first appointment with my clinic yet and I'm already doing most of these things to try and improve my chances. Not looked into acupuncture though!!. Well fingers crossed for you and hubby on your journey and may 2016 be your time x

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Huni everything your doing I'm doing too:-) excepted I'm on injections day 6th and this is the most painful injection yet for some reason!!!! I'm injection to my tummy!!

Also some reason I had a grip on things before my injection staying really positive

Now I think since the drugs all I do is cry and become quickly angry about things. Word of warning try and stay happy as much as poss have evening with girl friends like movie nights with organic nibbles :-) or family movie nights.

I heard avocado increase the chance by x3 also when egg and sperm plantation date eat pineapple every day!!! This makes your uterus sticky

:-) good luck huni any tips you know how to stay relax please let me know as at the moment I'm a emotional mess which is no good!! I think it's the drugs as well as the situation xxxx

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Have you tried acupuncture or massages? X


Yes I've receiving both and hypnotherapy lol

I really do think it's the mix up of drugs has effected me. I was really positive before full of hope and wonder with IVF

But now I'm worried thinking why do I need to go through this when people out there are popping them out and don't even care about their children.

Somehow somewhere I've lost my positive outlook last 2 days I've felt like stopping everything. But I just need to snap out of this feeling and just tell myself this will be worth it in the end! We also just bought a house!! Timing!!! So stress is high in the air lol

I'm seeing a friend today which I've not seen in ages and family movie with my dad and sister tomorrow :-) must stay happy!!!

Baby won't happen if your not happy :-)

If u need any advice with anything or unsure or just want to rant off in the upcoming events message me huni xxxx

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Thanks lovely. It is so hard to be positive all the time and it isn't normal either so try not to be too hard on yourself if you have off days. Xxx


Just checking you're injecting anywhere in the rugby ball shape? mine was hurting on day 5/6 but I didn't realise you could swap sides! X


Sounds like you've got a lot of things covered. I was also told in this weather eat lots of hearty warming stews and soups (packed with veg of course) and avoid colder foods. Was also told don't eat anything straight from the fridge - let it warm to room temp first (and no icecream or anything like that). In terms of balancing nutrients until you are actually pregnant try decreasing carbs full stop - I used to just have one meal a day with them in. Or if you do need them then go for things like sweet potato, hummus and quinoa rather than potato, bread, rice and pasta and I used to do the no more than 10 mouthfuls of carbs rule. I found it was really easy to make substitutes like courgetti instead of pasta or cauliflower rice rather than normal rice (google them and you'll find some really creative recipes). Can I ask why you can't use protein powder? I swear by a homemade smoothie for breakfast that has protein powder in it (natural stuff, not flavoured or with sweeteners) as its so much easier than cooking eggs every morning ( and everything else is carby).


Thanks for the tips. We were told by our consultant that protein powder can contain traces of steroids and this can hinder egg/sperm production/development.

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We were told the same with protein powder. X

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I had reflexology leading up to my transfer day and I laughed a lot after. (Something the consultant at my clinic recommended) I also just tried to relax and not give myself a hard time if I fancied something bad (mainly chocolate in my case) I've got my 8 week scan today.

Good luck x


Thankyou xx hope your scan went well 😊


good job. Hope it would also be helpful: www mommyedition com/top-10-fertility-foods-to-eat-when-you-are-trying-to-conceive

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Royal jelly and ubiquinol are good supplements to take to help with the quality of the eggs and omega 3 if not covered in your supplements. Good luck start my cycle next month!

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Hi reading this it's almost like reading about myself 😊

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Hi ... where did u get your info ... ? Is there a boom you read .. waiting for out appointment now and was hoping to get us healthy as possible first xx


I've done a lot of reading!! Zita West's guide to fertility is really good xx


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