We've just found out I will need to have a hysteroscopy to investigate a polyp found during our NHS IVF cycle in March. I was hoping we could begin treatment for our FET on my next cycle in June but now it will be July at the earliest (if our appointment for the hysteroscopy comes through in June). I'm 41 and feel like time is running out - feeling frustrated 😀

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  • 7AVA,

    Really sorry to hear this.

    You said it is found during ivf cycle.

    How it can be? because before hand they should make sure that everything is fine and in order to start with the cycle.

  • They found it but because it was less than 1cm they said it shouldn't prevent implantation so gave us the option of a fresh transfer or a freeze all. We went with fresh transfer because we didn't want to wait but as it wasn't successful we now have to wait anyway πŸ˜”

  • Ohhh I got it. Keep going.. Good luck

  • Thank you xx

  • I had to have this op too as they thought it could be my reason for not conceiving. When they went in there wasn't anything so they did the scratch for me instead. All the best and hopefully this is what you need to mak conception happen. I too used to panic about my age but I see so many older mummy's and mums to be now it can still happen x

  • My polyp grew with my hormone changes. So disappeared when down regging then grew as I was stimming. Which I understood to be unusual. I had it removed on the nhs which took longer than I wanted. However I rang the hospital every day to push myself forward so it's worth while being pushy. Yes the consultants secretary hated me but I didn't care. So making a nuisance of yourself may make you feel like you have more control. I didn't have investigated btw I went straight to having a general anaesthetic to have it removed. Xxx

  • Thank you Mrsjj for your reply - I might ask them about the scratch and if it's possible to have it done at the same time. I see from your page that your pregnant - congratulations, that gives me hope it can still happen. Thank you as well Heelsandhinter84 - the acupuncturist I see told me polyps feed on hormones so I wasn't surprised to hear it grows and then shrinks. My concern then, is that they might not find it even if it is still there! I found a good article about hysteroscopys that said they are both exploratory and operative yourivfjourney.com/hysteros... - our surgeon said the NHS waiting list wasn't long for this procedure but I think I'll take your advice and keep phoning until we get the appointment, don't want to be anymore delayed than we have to be. Thank you for your advice xxx

  • Ps have fingers crossed those pregnancy lines are getting stronger for you Heelsandhunter84

  • Thank you hunny... they are getting really dark now so fingers crossed! I was worried that they won't find the polyp but once they are in there I think they see so much. Also as said before it will count as your scratch as that's how they discovered endo scratch. They saw a correlation between pregnancy and those who had has a hysteroscopy. Once you are pregnant you will reflect back and it won't seems as long as it does now. Also if you like your alternative stuff I highly recomend a fertilty massage the day before your fet to get that blood flowing well. Sorry for too much information but I did make my husband have sex as well the morning of the transfer I read that it gets the blood pumping and some people talk about the male fluid offering sticky qualities. Anyway that's enough blushing for the morning but you will have such an easier time with your FET it will all be worth it. Xxx

  • Thanks you so much for that all that medical knowledge about polyps and endometrial scratches, I never would have known that. Thank you as well for the kind words of reassurance and I'll definitely try a fertility massage and sex before transfer! Keep us updated with those lines - I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hi 7AVA, I'm 42 and have been going through an NHS cycle too, the same thing happened to me in January, I had to get my polyp removed as it was too big not to cause complications with implantation, I asked why this hadn't been detected sooner given all the scans I'd had and they said sometimes the hormone medication can swell the polyp up, it's was probably very small and went undetected before I started treatment, I went through egg collection at the beginning of February and was so disappointed to have to go home while they froze my eggs and I had to wait to have my polyp seen to, we have had over a 3 month wait and at times I felt so frustrated and upset with this delay and like you feeling that time was running out, however, yesterday I had my first FET, we had 3 frosties, 2 left now, I'm feeling more hopeful again .... hang in there, it's not easy but I kept telling myself my time will come and it's all been to give us the best chance of success, same for you!! ..... I also took up yoga and done some mindfulness meditation during the 3 month break, I've never been into anything like that before but I would recommend it, it really helped to keep me relaxed and positive 😊, wishing you all the best of luck 🀞🏻🀞🏻🀞🏻 x x x

  • Thank you so much MichM it's so reassuring to hear of someone who has gone through something similar. It's the waiting that's so hard. I've also been doing some yoga and mindfulness- just need to start doing it more regularly as I think you're right, it will help to keep me patient. And I'll try to remember to keep telling myself that my time will come. I'll be thinking of you in your 2ww and wishing you the very best of luck - hoping this is your time xxx

  • Thank you so much ❀️, it's such a tough journey as it is and the delays on the way make it tougher at times, like I say the yoga and mindfulness really helped me and I made myself do it regularly, hope it can help you too! Take good care of yourself and your time will definitely come round, sending best wishes and positive thoughts 😊 x x x

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