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Not sure what's happening


I'm currently 5wk+6 and I've had two big bleeds with clots (sorry tmi) one on Sunday and another worse one on Tuesday night. I had a blood test done today and the nurse said it's still well within the acceptable range for my length of pregnancy but I have to go back Friday for a second blood test to see if levels have fallen. I've got awful dull stomach ache that paracetamol isn't really touching any more but been told to carry on with my medication for now.

Has anyone had anything similar with a positive outcome - Im trying not to think the worst but just can't be helped.

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I’m sorry I can’t give any advice on this but wanted to wish you lots of luck that everything is ok x x

Dreams1982 in reply to Gem1982

Thank you x

Try and keep positive. I was certain I was miscarrying with clots, cramps and my bleed was so heavy I was going through a pad in a hour which is classic for a miscarriage but all good in the end xx

It's the constant pain at the minute that's so hard. Bleeding is much better and I can deal with that. Just wish I could take something stronger.

Hello I'm sorry you are going through this, the waiting and not knowing is so tough. Can you take some time off work tomorrow and Friday to rest and see if the pain and bleeding eases up before your blood test? I hope everything works out for you

I'm off at the moment so that's ok. Thank you for your wishes xx

Praying for a good outcome for you xxx

Hello, a similar thing happened to me. It was too early to see a baby. There was only a sac on the sonogram.

It turned out to be something called a subchorionic hemorrage. It's an open bleed in the womb. Please ask them to check for this and in the meantime get plenty of rest!! I rested for two weeks straight not lifting anything and it reduced in size.

I still have it now at 12 weeks but it no longer poses a threat.

All the best to you xxx


It could be the baby bedding in. That can feel worse than period pains. Fingers crossed that’s the case. Hopefully they’ll book you in Durban early scan. X

Just got to wait for my blood test tomorrow morning xx bleeding isnt so bad now it's just the pain xx

Sorry about that dear. On my week 8, i woke up with really dark brown blood that filled about a quarter of my panty liner. It happened the next morning again so i texted my obgyn and she told me to see her immediately. She prescribed me a higher dose of progesterone injections for about a week and the bleeding stopped the next day. I have been okay since. Let your doctor as soon as possible. Good luck, i hope you get well very soon.

It’s a amazing the number of stories you see on here where there’s a massive bleed then miraculously there is a heartbeat and a valid pregnancy. It’s horrible though because I’ve been in your shoes and I’ve doubted it and sadly I was right but you never know. It really is just a waiting game with no definative answer until the scans or the HGC starts to drop.

We had a scan done done today at 6+1 and the nurse couldn't find anything. Was already something I was ready for but still have to wait for the second blood test results to come back later on. Thank you so much for all your support lovelies it's meant the world xx

So sorry to hear this 😔 xx

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