44 years old - pregnancy isn't happening

Hi, I'm new here and was hoping for some advice....My partner and I have been trying for 1 year to get pregnant. I'm 44 he's 46. We have had all the blood tests, semen tests and I have had 2 scans (one private, one NHS). I have also had an AMH test (5.7 result). I have about 11 follicles so the private doctor said I have a lot more than some women my age. So all looks good and healthy. He's suggested mild IVF - but I was interested to know / hear if anyone else has tried any other options other than this? Does anyone rate reflexology / acupuncture as an initial starting point? Any suggestions kindly welcomed! Thanks

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  • I think at your age you need to go straight to IVF. All the best.

  • I’d go straight to ivf. I’m 42 and had to use donor eggs because own eggs deteriorate quite quickly I understand. I wouldn’t wait for results from acupuncture but would recommend using that alongside ivf xx

  • Agree with both of the above. I'd go straight for IVF. I'm 41 and doing ICSI. I also have both acupuncture and fertility reflexology treatments to support with that. Best of luck! xx

  • I would definitely go straight to ivf asap too. I'm only 33 but have low amh of 2.8 ish, and I've done 2 rounds of max dose ivf and both failed. We are now doing a package of 3 rounds of mild ivf as it is supposed to be better for low AMH ladies. I start my first round in about 2 weeks so I'll update on here how I respond in comparison to the max dose treatment I had.

    Good luck with everything xx

  • May I ask what mild ivf is? Thanks B

  • Mild IVF is a form of IVF which is carried out within the natural menstrual cycle and which uses minimal doses of fertility drugs in order to achieve a mild response to stimulation.

  • Thank you, I have my planning appointment next week, so I suppose it will be discussed what type is best. B x

  • Best Wishes 💕

  • I was told my AMH result was good (ie not low) although I’m new to all this...

  • It's not low for your age, so you are lucky. And 11 follicles if great 👍🏼

    But overall it is low.

    Knowing what I know from the loads of friends I've made through ivf, i'd still say go straight to ivf to maximise your chances.

    Did they measure your fsh? Apparently that is another measure for your reserve as the higher it is, the harder your body is having to work.

    My nhs clinic would only treat you if your amh was over 5.5, or if your fsh was below 9.


  • Definitely straight to IVF. I faffed around too long as we all just want these things to happen ‘naturally’ to realise things weren’t going to happen that way. And unfortunately age just isn’t on your side.

    I also did reflexology alongside which I’d recommend

    Good luck!

  • I think the point I’m making is that while your amh may be good, if it’s not happening naturally then ivf would be a better next step than acupuncture which is not a quick fix. Eggs can deteriorate quickly even if numbers are good now. Better to do ivf while your amh is good than risk waiting xx good luck whatever you decide to do xx

  • Hello firstly massive good luck to you and your partner 🍀.

    I’m 40 and have been trying to get pregnant for 3 years my AMH was 6.6 and dropped down to 4.7, anything under 5 is considered low. I was still getting follicles via stimulation at the highest dosage but the quality was so poor they didn’t make it to day 5 and I only got 1 to freeze out of 4 fresh rounds of ivf.

    I would advise to full IVF, you won’t know how your react to stunning until you’ve tried it but with your AMH and your age I would say your egg numbers will be on the lower side and you may have quality challenges.

    I moved into donor eggs after my last round showed 5 follicules but they only got 1 egg which didn’t make it over night.

    I would crack on as soon as you can, good luck xxx

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