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I had icsi done 10th of April two embryos put back on day 2 ... X started bleeding day before test day for about 5 days .. Hcg level was 190 on test day .. 90 in 4 days and 47 in 5 days ... It was last week Tuesday ... I done test this Monday 4 the may and its line there ... To see if its going away from my system .. Done another test today and line is much darker .. Don't know what's happening .. It was very early miscarriage they say so thought it would be all out the now .. Two weeks .. Specially when was dropping good last week .. I am worried if its not an ectopic or something left in uterus that can cause problems x should I book doctor for another blood test .. ???

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  • I hope you managing okay. Xxx. I didnt know this is how difficult ivf is all about.

  • Hi thanx for your reply .. I didn't know either thought myself that u either get positive or negative .. But positive was only start of another part of journey x u can't do much about implantation and u can't do nothing at all to make it stay there with u x :( I am now bn told that was lucky I didn't miscarry later like 7 weeks or so because that's much harder and can cause more damage to your body x hope all goes with u and thanx again x

  • Definitely difficult.xxx. i didnt expect it is this complicated process. I have seen in the newspaper like some got 4 to 6 that was way back 2009 when we started this ivf consultation. But until now we didnt get positve...such a frustrating journey.


  • Really sorry to hear that .. I was so happy to get positive then same time knew it wasn't good as I started bleeding .. X but hope there's baby waiting for us at the end x

  • Hi, when I had my first misscarriage at 10 weeks, they wouldn't perform a dnc so I had to wait for baby to come away naturally, because of this I had frequent blood tests over a few weeks to check for the hormone level. When the levels went down everything had come away, they then scanned to see if it was clear. Hope this helps.

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