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What's going on?

Hello everyone I'm just after a bit of advise. I will tell you where we are at the moment...

I had laparoscopy in March tubes clear but had a kinked tube that was sorted and now I'm as good as new apparently. Other half had sperm test and it's very low so he's doing another one end of the month to confirm and then it's IVF. All blood tests fine although I have had a few odd short cycles in the past they didn't seem overly worried but said on those cycles I am probably not ovulating.(although I was temping and was pretty sure I was)

Anyway the last 4 cycles I have had have been completely odd and stupidly short. I was on about 27 days give or take a couple either side but I have had 19, 13 and just came on this morning on day 20? Over a week early? It's doing my head in so much as I've always been pretty regular and I really wanted a good few try's before the IFV bit this is not going to be helping.

But want I want to know is should I call some one to tell them this is happening or shall I just wait until we have the next fertility appointment in July that's already booked? is it worth calling my GP to get some blood tests or something? I just don't want to have to be told I need tests and then things be put off for another few months. This whole process has taken so long to get to here and I'm just worried sick my age is catching up with me. My mum had an early menopause early 40's and I'm 38 in September.

Sorry for the rant I needed to air my frustration my body is doing my head in x

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I'd see your gp and see about getting a gynaecology appointment. And maybe they can check your hormone levels.


Has the ivf clinic done any blood tests on you to check hormone levels? They normally do this as they need to know to determine your treatment and have a baseline. I'd ring and explain your recent cycles and ask is there anything they would want to do meantime. I'd be like you wanting to know what to expect by the time your next apt comes round xx


Thank you for the reply.. I had hormone checks a few months ago when we started this journey all ok but it's only the last couple of months it's been odd. As in 4 periods in that time!

The test were done by my GP the fertility appointments (and laparoscopy) have been at musgrove in taunton Somerset, but the IVF will be at southmead in Bristol


just to update my GP is calling at 4 today so I will ask her. I've done the stupid thing of looking online and im worried sick im pre-menopausal. ive had night sweets and just not feeling myself. im having periods every week or two and its driving me mad as im on for 5 days. I feel im consonantly on!


I know that one Hun! I give myself a horrible diagonsis then scare myself silly! Why we do it to ourselves I do not know lol!

About the bleeding I started getting problems with bleeding too. In September I started bleeding in between my periods and sometimes I'd be bleeding half my menstrual cycle. I ignored it till feb (when it had happened 3x and dr google "informed" me it could be a sign of cancer! ) and to cut a long story short it turned out I have a fibroid in the lining of my uterus causing period problems heavy/painful/bleeding between periods and infertility. I am now awaiting to get a date to have it surgically removed.

Glad your seeking proper medical advice. Your gp might decide to run some further investigations mine did. Like hormonal blood tests, pelvic examination by gp and maybe a transvaginal scan to see wots going on. (That's when fibroid was found) You are def doing the right thing by having it looked at esp before having treatment of any kind you want/need to know it has the best chance of working peace of Mind. If I'd ignored my bleeding between cycles my ivf would have 100% failed and that would've broken my heart.(had to cancel ivf cycle that was due to start in march) I know it may cause a time delay if gp runs investigations but it will be worth it to make sure everything is ok and if they find something then to get it fixed so you have the best chance of treatment working.

Let me know how your appointment goes be thinking of you Hun. Am rooting for you! X


Thank you Jess! I have already had bloods taken (twice!) but that was last year now, also i had a laparoscopy in March just gone and there were no fibroids or cycsts and tube were not blocked. They did get rid of the 'kink' i had in one tube and they said i was good as new. we have since found out that my partner has low sperm so looks like IVF.

Its since the Laparoscopy that Ive had these weird cycles well in fact, i had the lap and dye on the day after my last bleed from a normal (for me) 26 day cycle but then after they have just been all over the place could a fibroid appear in the short time from March and caused this? Maybe they missed something? I also had the scan but they didnt do it transvagional as the nurse said she didnt need to as she got all the pictures she needed with no problems as my bladder was nice and full?!

Anyway will see what the doc says later and will let you know ;) xxx


Everyone is different and just coz that happened to me does not mean it would be the same for youWith fibroid would depend on the size if it was big enough to be detected. My consulant reckoned mine haa been there whole time we've been trying but been too small to be seen. Maybe I was just unlucky! I had a scan in July and September and nothing was found, but after investigations were run had scan in march and fibroid was then seen. Not very big tho even then it was 11mm x 12mm. Enough to be seen tho.That was couple of months after I started bleeding between cycles. Any change in your periods should always seek advice from a doctor. Also it may help if you have a diary of the bleeding so they can see wots going on. Bullet point any symptons you are experiencing.They may think it's nothing to worry about but it's best to get it looked at in case you need that peace of mind. You need to go into your ivf treatment knowing you have the best chance of it working. Please do let me know how it goes. Good luck X


Hi Jess, Spoke to the GP yesterday and she was great, Im having some more blood tests next Friday , She said to put my mind at rest more than anything. She said she would be very surprised if it was pre menopause all the tests I had last year were fine and i am still on the younger side. (37)

She thinks im just stressed out and to be honest i have been the worst (stressy wise) through all this since the laparoscopy as I was worried sick about that operation, and since then my cycles have 'gone weird' I think having that operation just hit me with what we might have to go through and i am a worrier!

so im trying to relax a bit more, Im doing a diet and trying to get myself in tip top shape ready for the next hurdle. (i did loose 3 stone but 1 has come back on!) im still ok for weight for IVF but the healthier i am the better i guess!

Just a thought I having only been taking folic acid but is there something herbal I could take to help regulate things? x


I'm glad your gp is doing the tests that will def put your mind at rest. Going through infertility is stressful and most people really do not understand how hard it is. Then if add an operation no wonder you feel stressed I'm not surprised. By the way I'm the same I worry and stress a lot and I'm a bit worried about the op. I've never had an op before! But I know I cannot get pregnant unless this fibroid is removed. It has to be done!

Maybe seeing your results all normal will give you that reassurance that you need right now and help your stress levels and body will stop doing these odd things which again add to your stress.I'm sure your results will be fine won't tell you not to worry because that is impossible every test I've had done I've gone through loops.

Well done for the weight that's really impressive! Anything we can do to give ourselves the best chance is def worth it. I have been so much more conscious of what I'm eating since ttc. I found writing a menu helpful. I use a slimming world plate which shows you how much protein carbs and vege you should have I couldn't believe how little carbs you need a lot of carbs are in vegetables. I never do an Atkins diet that's just stupid and dangerous. I also run 5k three times a week which I think helps a little with the stress and keeps my bmi nice and healthy. A few years ago hubby and I went on a massive health kick and started c to 5k program which builds your running up slowly so you don't get injured. When I started I never thought that I'd ever manage running 5k! I lost weight like so fast I lost inches within a month it was crazy!, you don't need to spend money to get fit. I also take my dogs out everyday for a 2.5k walk. Once a week I go for a long cycle ride with hubby. I don't know if any of those things might help at all.

I only take folic acid too and if you are interested I would consult your consultant to see what's safe to take and see what she or he recommends.

Let me know how you get on. Xx


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