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Short period after progesterone Support!

So last cycle hubby and I were trying naturally, and I used cyclogest 7 days after ovulation as suggested by the professor at Coventry clinic. Tested cycle day 29, BFN so stopped taking them and period arrived a couple of days later.

This cycle my body has been all over the place! I had ovulation signs around day 11/12 (normally around day 15/16 for me) and then had sore boobs and feeling tired from about day 17. This combined with a bit of pink CM day 20 got my hopes up a bit that we may have conceived naturally (oh how lovely that would be, the month before we were going to do FET and I could be one of ‘those women’ we IVF’ers are told stories of all the time!)

Woke up this morning to my period arriving, meaning that this cycle was only 23 days... my shortest ever. This means our FET will be happening a good week or so before I had expected it.... we are having a natural FET this time all being well so I just need to call the clinic later on and start testing for ovulation so they can book us in. All feeling a bit real now....

Lisa xxxx

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Hi Lisa. Well that's a shame it didn't work out. Still, you will transferring your little frostie sooner than you thought, which isn't so bad. Obviously, I wish you HUGE luck with this little one and for success. Thinking of you. Diane

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Ah thanks Diane I’ve just spoken to my clinic and I just need to call them when we get a positive ovulation test and they can arrange a date from there. Excited but so nervous to go through this again, will be here before we know it 😊 xx


Hi Sprinkles86. Looking good to go then. Roll on ovulation! Be brave, you will be fine. Diane

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