Baseline scan

Well, baseline internal ultrasound has been done today. Apparently the endometrium is quite thin and the nurse manager who performed the scan was very pleased by the way my body has responded to the Buserelin.

I now get to start injecting not one but two injections per night as well as the reduced dosage of Buserelin and take the dexamethasone in the mornings....

My question is now, obviously...what are the side effects of Merional 150iu and Ovaleap 300iu. When do you take the drugs and do you inject one after the other or wait a certain amount of time inbetween each injection?

I know that I've been told but would like to know what other ladies have been told to do. Thank you for your answers in advance.

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  • Hey well done! Sounds like it's all you g to plan now then! I didn't have too many side effects on stims, it actually pulled me put of the fuzzy head stage of down regulating and being so tired so I felt "normal"!!๐Ÿ‘After a few days in I felt quite bloated and my ovaries felt like they were growing up into my ribs....not that they were, just felt like it as the follicles got bigger! Best of luck for the next stage!!xx

  • Thanks Cinderella5, partly excited and partly terrified. The down regs haven't been too much trouble for me so, knowing me will suffer on the stims.

  • Ready to rock and roll!!! Sorry not sure about side effects been a long time since I did a full ivf. But excited for you!



  • Thanks Nkoko. Kind of scared and excited at the same time....just need to figure out how to do both merional and ovaleap within the same time span???

  • Good luck with your cycle, hopefully not to many side effects xxโค๏ธ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿ’‹

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