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Only 3 follicles baseline scan


Had my first (baseline) scan today after 16 days of buserelin. In My original scan pre hormones I had 8 eggs that Gyno could see. Only three follicles could b seen today. I was so disappointed. It’s my first IVF and doing long protocol. Start gonal f 300 today and still taking the buserelin which I can’t understand as it’s definitely shut my system down! I have felt so so tearful and emotional especially this last week and already finished my period. I’m not really coping, just crying all the time and today’s 3 follicles have left me feeling hopeless. Does anyone have any positive stories with similar low follicle count in their baseline scan?

Thank you

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Hi Jenadrian79, sorry you've been feeling so rotten :( It's such a rollercoaster isn't it? I'm also in the middle of my first round of IVF so not much wisdom to offer but also been dealing with fewer follicles than hoped for, and those that are there are taking an age to grow. It's so hard to deal with all the ups and downs when your emotions are already all over the place with the meds. Try to be kind to yourself and take one day at a time (much harder than it sounds I know). You're not alone xx

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Thank you 🙏 ❤️ Feel free to message me at any time since it’s our first IVF and we are at similar stages xx

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Yes that would be lovely - feels such a weird and lonely thing to go through. Have found it hard to stay positive over the past 5 days or so as I've felt so poorly on gonal f (on same dose as you) and I'm getting impatient about the whole process but it's so encouraging to chat to other people going through the same thing! I'm hoping that the quality of the follicles are good to make up for the small number of them for us both :)


I know it can be so disappointing but try not to worry as once you start the stimulation meds they can pop up from no where.

Heat is good to help the follicles grow. I used a hot water bottle on my abdomen most of the stimming process.

Good luck 😉 xx

Thank you very much for the positive message and advice I will buy one ASAP! X

No problem.

At the start they could only see 4 follicles but they retrieved 8 eggs. It’s Amazing how quick they grow xx

Buserilin is the devil for your hormones. Once you start the stimulation drugs you’ll definitely feel a bit better. It’s only your first scan so hopefully there will be more still to come over the course of the treatment. I only had 2 eggs retrieved and both were good quality.xx

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