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Baseline scan - 2nd round!

So it was back to the hospital today to see how the follies were after my 1st failed IUI/DI attempt. Like a lot of you know, generally you have to wait till your following period before you can have another go (that's more time to kill)! As if I have lots of time to spare!

If they do everything the same as they did first time round - same amount of medication and only use 1 follicle, surely it's likely to get the same result? So, I'm going to have acupuncture as well and see if that helps - appointment booked for next week.

Can't believe the cost of everything though - thousands for wanting a baby, as it is I had to give up my home to fund it and live with family. If only I could get a job working from home or a zero hour contract other than working in care (which I tried and couldn't do).

Times are a little tough and I often wonder, how on earth I found myself in this position x

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Keep strong and don't give up, it will all be worth it in the end. xx

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Hello Distinction72, I don't know much about IUI/DI but because the success rate is around 10% I think it often takes a few rounds to work. Sorry if I'm interfering here, but have you considered going straight to IVF? If you're paying for treatment it has higher success rates so might be a better use of your money?

Good luck either way. It's clear you're sacrificing so much for this baby. I really hope you get your BFP! x


I agree with Hopeful1982, my consultant didn't bother offering us IUI even though it was an option, as I have unexplained infertility and no obvious problems. Due to my age (38) they went straight to IVF as they believed the success rate was better.

Good luck x


I guess with me as I am using a donor and nothing to show for trying to get pregnant then they wanted me to try IUI first.

Thank you x


Hi Hopeful - I've already paid the money for 3 sessions of IUI / DI and when I had my initial tests done, they all came back fairly good (or as much chance as someone of my age)! If the IUI / DI doesn't work, then I think I could go on to have IVF BUT depending on how long that would take, as it seems like 2 months per try if you include the month after for your follies to recover, then I'm not sure I would have enough time as I only have until the end of March for my treatment, plus it is also the cost.

Thanks for responding - much appreciate x

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