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Anyone gone through IVF after laparoscopy to remove severe endometriosis/endometriomas?

Hi ladies. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone had gone through IVF after surgery/surgeries to remove endo. And if you would be able to share your experiences?

I had IVF in 2012, and only found out I had endometriosis as an endometrioma showed up on a scan early into treatment. The cycle went on, but it was touch and go as the cyst was 4-5cm.

We did amazingly and got 17eggs, but I was very uncomfortable in the days before egg collection due to all the follicles.... And the day after egg collection I became very unwell, nausea, dizziness, and a lot of pain. At hospital they established I had mild ohss and my right ovary had swelled up. It took weeks to settle.

IVF was unsuccessful, and even though we got 3 frozen cycle from these embryos, they all ended in chemical pregnancies.

We are now looking at doing a fresh cycle again.... But I'm 10weeks out of having my 3rd surgery to remove 5-6endometriomas off my ovary, adhesions and had deep rectovaginal excision.

I'm extremely worried and scared about going through the IVF process again due to pain! My endo pain is pretty horrendous and daily... So sometimes I think I'm mad to even consider it.

Anyway... Would love to hear others experiences X

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Hi...flowerpotts, where the same I have severe endometriosis. I had 3 surgeries. The first one laparoctomy(2011) I didn't diagnosed in my first surgery. The 2nd and 3rd operations laparoscopy year (2014) July and Oct. Here's the procedure : Laparoscopy, "extensive adhesiolysis, excision of rectovaginal endometriosis, bilateral ureterolysis, right salpingectomy, cystsocopy, insertion and removal of ureteric stents, hysteroscopy". I had 2 endometriomas size 10&7cm. On my second surgery my surgeon want me to have IVF first before the major surgery of endometriosis in my second surgery they only drained the endometriomas. But I chose to have a major surgery first before the IVF. They scared because maybe in my 3rd operations I get more damage inside. I am one of the severe cases of endometriosis.they cut my right tube and the left tube is very thin. Actually I thought after I had a surgeries in endometriosis specialist I will feel better but not I had so many issues in my abdominal almost weekly in the hospital A&E. It is very difficult to have endometrioisis because we look fine in outside but in our inside we are destroyed💔 maybe because I have so much complaints of endometriosis my surgeon sent me to have an IVF if I really want to have a hysterectomy but we know that is not a solution because endometriosis has "NO CURE" 😭😭 exactly 1 year to wait to have an IVF wrong borough etc. Many blood test scans. Sometimes I really want to give up feels like endless.😥 By the way I am happy now to have an IVF even I'm still struggling of endometriosis. I have ICSI tomorrow is my test. This morning I tested I have a very faint line. I hope tomorrow I have a BFP😉 think positive. 😉 we are the endowarrior.

Love Endosister💛



Hi, thanks Hun for posting.

Firstly, congrats on the positive test... I do hope it's still positive and getting stronger now, please let me know how things have gone.

It sounds like you have been through a very tough time with your endometriosis and I can relate about the constant battle and pains, despite having major surgery. My surgeon was. Uh more sympathetic after surgery as he had seen first hand the true extent of disease and it's damage. You are right, we look fine from the outside, but we can suffer so severely with pains and issue brought on by this disease.

Yes, people always say why don't you just have a hysterectomy? But it's true, that is not a cure by any means and endo elsewhere will still be there causing us pain and troubles.

I can put up with the scans, blood tests and injection, it's the abdo pains and bloating that I struggled with and am concerned about again this time around. It's all just so gruelling isn't it.

Good luck and I hope you have a sticky little embryo and a happy and healthy pregnancy xx


Hi Flowerpotts I had my second surgery in December to remove severe endo, an MRI had also shown endometriomas on each ovary, the left about 5x8cm, the right about 3x3cm. The plan was to drain them and excise some of the endo, along with the dense adhesions. When my surgeon got in there, there were no endometriomas!! Unfortunately the endo was a LOT worse than he had thought it was, so surgery took 5.5 hours... My left ureter was constricted by the endo, so that needed repairing... Let's just say it was a real mess in there... Hubby and I took some time away from TTC after my op (first op 12 months prior was removal of left tube, this is where my diagnosis of endo was made!), we are now just getting started with IVF cycle one... Baseline scan on weds... Very nervous!!

How is your pain on a daily basis now after your surgery? Hopefully this has improved which will in turn mean your pain during IVF will also be better/more manageable?

Take care xx


Hey sprinkles, thanks for the post and reply.

Ah, you must have been gutted that the surgery was a lot longer and more involved than your surgeon first thought. Sorry your endo was much worse too... But at least you have had surgery and ready for your IVF cycle. Has the surgery done much in improvement pain wise? My surgeon was a little surprised at how much disease and scarring I had. Took 3.5-4hours for mine.

My pain has improved a bit since surgery, certainly not got to take pain killers everyday for the cyst/ovary pain. However, I'm still suffering a lot of pains on and off... So frustrating, but think it's something I have to put up with now. Ovulation and periods are the worst by far. Since I started getting the endometriomas, and also having fertility treatment, my pain seems to have got slowly worse and more constant.

I really hope your IVF cycle goes well.. I'm sure you are finding it quite daunting and scary, but just think about each little step as it happens and try to do nice things to distract yourself.

Message me if you ever need to chat about the whole IVF process as know it can be lonely. Good luck xx

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Ah Flowerpotts that is so lovely thank you :-)

Yes my pain has been so much better since having the op! It took my about 6 weeks to recover from it properly. I don't get much, if any, pain mid cycle now and my periods are lighter and less painful too! I still need painkillers for the first day or two though, but nothing as strong as I used to take.

We are trying to take it day by day, there is so much information to take in but will all be out of our hands in a few weeks anyway, very exciting but makes me anxious too...

Booked myself in for reflexology on Saturday which should be nice and relaxing :-) xxx


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