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Feeling very crampy on oestrogen patch and norethisterone


Feeling very crampy this evening. Got to take these meds til end of the month but feel like I'm going to get AF. I'm sure it's just the drugs but still worrying cos if I bleed now it will screw up the treatment plan and may mean the patches aren't working properly but I can't take the progynova tablets cos of the headaches. Don't want to run out of alternatives. Stay away AF!! Xx

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Hope it stays away for you xx

Thank you I'm sure it will just thought I'd have a moan and OH is at work x

That's what we're here for 😉 Xx

I'm also on norethisterone and feel like I'm ready to burst. Period symptoms heavy but I've only got a couple of days left and af held off so far and I've been feeling like this a good week or so! Good luck xx

Thank you. Got to last til end of the month. Good luck to you too xx


Hope AF stays away!! Xxx

Thank you x

Dam you Mother Nature. Hope she leaves you alone xx

Thank you. Me too. How are you? X

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