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How to stay positive on round 2 - tips?

Hi all. I am gearing up for my 2nd frozen embryo transfer, hopefully in a few weeks. The first attempt a few months ago ended with a BFN. Last time before the transfer I had generally felt quite positive and excited. But this time, following a negative experience last time I am feeling really anxious and negative about the whole thing and expecting it to fail again. Did anyone else feel like this? Do any of you have any tips about how to get these negative thoughts out of your head? Thanks x

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Hey, I totally understand how your feeling. I had my 2nd FET cycle earlier this year and kept thinking what was the point. I had acupuncture which really helped with my anxiety and I felt like I was more in control of this cycle than the 1st. I just kept telling myself that it was a new round and these embryos deserved me to believe in them. Unfortunately I can't share a success story with you but I am getting ready to start my 2nd fresh cycle next week, somehow we find the strength to keep going xx


Thanks E_05. Yes, it is important for me to believe in the embryos! Good luck with your fresh cycle x

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I`d consider about starting with non traditional medicine - herbs, acupuncture, massage, healthy food.

Which will slowly flows into positive mood.

You can try to have a hobby which have relation with future child (knitting?).

P.S.: endo scratch may be your option.


Thanks Alice. What do you know about endo scratch? I really trust my consultant, and plan to get through 3 FET cycles first and then if not having success I suspect that will be the next step.


Overall the results suggest a benefit from endometrial scratching.

In general endometrial scratching causes some sort of inflammatory response within the endometrium, similar to a scratch on any other part of the body.

So this procedure can boost your fertility.

If you wish to read more with some sort of research you can use this link evidentlycochrane.net/endos...

P.S.: you can also make fertility massage.

P.P.S.: or even involve your husband into this practice :)


Hi Shelly c we are in the same boat 🚣. Few weeks ago I had my first frozen cycle which all came to an end at 8 weeks . Still devastated I cant wait for my next appointment in a few weeks time so I can begin treatment again. I just wanted to ask how did you get your fight back as I'm really struggling at the moment. ????? I was so positive about the whole thing I wasn't prepared at all for it to go wrong . I'm now thinking next time I need to be more coursious and take every day at a time .


Hi Eh16. Sorry to hear about your disappointment. It's horrible isn't it. I am not sure I have managed to get my fight back yet! We are trying a natural cycle this time rather than a medicated cycle which I think is quite good for getting some normality back to life. I have just come back from a 10 day holiday in Greece with friends where I ate and drank whatever I liked and felt like a normal person. I think it was really nice to do this, and would recommend it if you can! But now it is about 3 weeks until we have the FET and all the anxiety has kicked in again now that we are home. It just feels like a never ending waiting game (and I have a reputation for being impatient!).


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