IVF Round 2.. Starting a new job AND going on holiday?!

Hey all, after a wee break, I'm back and we're about to go through this god-forsaken shit-show AGAIN! Hurrah.

SO! I'll be looking at injections in the last few weeks of July with an estimated transfer of, I'd guess, first week of August. I am literally starting a new job on July 3rd. Has anyone had any experience with new job and IVF? Do I tell them? Do I not? Will the clinic be good at helping me schedule my scan appointments so they don't affect work?

Then, after everything is done and dusted, I've got an opportunity to go on holiday around August 19th - is that wise to do? Anyone had any experience of being abroad while doing icky pessaries?


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  • I moved house had my laparoscopy changed jobs and went on holiday and then started IVF - I say just go for it, it all just works out somehow! Xx

  • Hi cycle buddy,

    The opinunated nurse at my clinic said travel during DR was fine but don't do anything in the 2ww. I'd have thought short haul and not being in a zika zone and you should be ok. Just have to steer clear of food poisoning so no ice in drinks and things like that.

    I wouldn't tell the new job but I was a ivf hermit! Would they get pissy about you going on maternity leave shortly? I know that's the first thing my boss was thinking when I told him.

    Hopefully second time lucky for you x

  • I've honestly got no idea how they'll deal with it! They're a really big company so I'm hoping they at least have a proper HR department for me to talk to. Thank you!

  • Best of luck pandash xx

  • My last (failed) cycle we had a holiday planned for the end of it. One nurse told me I shouldn't be travelling (I think in case I had any issues but, frankly, at that point what would they do if I did?!) but my consultant and all the other nurses said it would be fine. In fact, consultant said risk was no more than any other short haul flight would be... I was stressed about it though - things like managing suitcases, heat, food & drink options, no swimming etc etc... turns out we got a BFN the day before we flew so.... 😏. I would say go for it. Other curve balls will crop up however much you plan and it's something to look forward to at the end of it all!! Best of luck! x

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