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Hi guys, I'm about to start round 2 of IVF now after a year of waiting between rounds. This will probably be the only time we can self fund (NHS first round unsuccessful). Given the case that there may be more than one viable embryo to transfer, would you transfer 2 or 1? I'm 30 very soon as well, but like I mentioned, I don't think we'll be able to self fund again. I know of the risks associated with twins etc, but if I successfully have twins, I'd be more than happy to not go through IVF again. What would you do? (I'm new here)

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  • Hi Jemmi I was in the same boat except I'm 37 just, just had egg transfer on first cycle which has been self funded. The decision was made for us as out of two eggs only one fertilised, but my husband and I did talk about it. I think it's really tricky as you have to weigh up the risk of twins. Have you spoken to any of the professionals? I know below the age of 40 a lot are reluctant too. Sorry it's not much help! Good luck x

  • Hi Jemmi, Im about to start my cycle cycle of IVF too (the first one was NHS funded), this one is self funded. I start Injecting on the 24th December. Im 37, so a bit older than you. I will only be transferring one if it is of very good quality. If not that I will be transferring 2. I think I will only be transferring 1, as I am of very petite frame and there is the risk of complications when you have twins, plus I don't think my body can take it. I think it depends on you, If I was not of petite frame, I would have had 2 transferred. Its basically double the work, so you have to be sure 1) you can handle have 2 babies, 2) can cope financially. There is a lot to think about, so weigh your options up. Your'e still young and I think you have another NHS funded go?? If this is the case, I would transfer 1 x

  • We were entitled to two round on the NHS and we agreed that we would go with one the first time, but if that didn't work we'd go with two.

    Have you seen the stats regarding the likelihood of success at your clinic after transfer of 1 or 2 embryos? Ask to see them and see if there's much difference. At some places there really isn't

  • Go 2.....good luck xxx

  • I'm 38 but was 37 when had my first IVF last year. I only had 2 eggs that got to 7 cells at day 3 so they chose to put both in. They can only freeze them if they get to day 5 so if they hasn't have put both in the. One would have been destroyed. Unfortunately they were borderline anyway so neither worked. I'm trying again early 2017. I'm not sure what we would do if they were both good quality and there was the option to freeze maybe I'd still try two due to my age and hoping at least one sticks but I think it's different at my age. I quite like the idea of twins /2 children anyway so if I got twins I wouldn't have to go through all this again if it works. Good luck with your decision and journey x

  • I would say go for two - I am 27 and had two transferred but only one took. Good luck xx

  • Where will you have this ivf done? Have you tried Greece? It is quite affordable in comparison with UK. I would go for one only... Maybe you will get more embryos and freeze them.

  • Hi jemmi.

    My 1st ivf (nhs) we put 2 embryo in but only 1 worked & now have a 2 year old.

    We decided to use the remaining embryos & had FET (only 1 transferred) & 1 still thawing but unfortunately we had a bfn in October

    So we have decided to have 1 more try self funded & have decided to put 2 back in (always risks of multiples) But seen we were 7 years trying with no success we have agreed 1 or multiple children is a blessing & miracle for us so we will take our chances.

    My surgeon did confirm that if women do decide to insert more than 1 blastocyst they choose 1 very high grade & 1 not as high to reduce the risk of multiple pregnancies but with anything there is always risks.

    Good luck I hope you have a successful journey x

  • Totally agree.... we're going through this now via NHS. Wife will be preparing for FET late Jan and we have 4 embies. We have been advised that considering her age (38) thAt we should consider putting two in. Our top grade is AA and the lowest is B.

    The embryologist was quite clear with us and said not to concern ourselves too much with the grading as they would always choose he best one or two to transfer and if an implantation is successful...then the grading doesn't play any role at that point. Just need to decide on what we do interns of one or two. Me and the wife are in agreement that regardless, there is always a risk. Our hearts are telling us to go with two!

    I wish you well in your journey

  • I agree sanj76. I'm 37 & time is ticking for us too so that's why we have both decided 2 is best to insert this time.

    Good luck with your journey πŸ˜‰

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