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2 WW !!! Third round


Hello everyone ! My name is Lily , just had my transfer for the 3 st time . We ve been starting IVF for almost 4 years and my husband is dealing with azoospermia for 10 years (was married before) . He never had sperm before . Now thanks to a new treatment they found some few that can be sometimes used for fertilization . Unfortunately the embryos that we create are very young and not so good quality . Never been pregnant and this is my 3 rd transfer . They put 2 embryos this time ( day 3 both) one had three cells and the other four cells . This was a FET. I am on day 5 post transfer and I really start to feel depressed , impatient and losing hope . Do you guys have some amazing stories to tell , miracles , just to give me some light and hope to have the strength to finish this unbearable wait . Thank you so much

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The 2ww is so so hard and no matter how positive anyone starts out everyone reaches the point you have got to today where despair, depression and doubt all start to kick in and a little moaning cynic sits on your shoulder whispering horrible things in your ear.

Don't listen to them. You are an amazingly strong woman with a wonderful partner. You have come all this way through all those ups and downs to get to where you are today. Whatever is going to happen is already happening and the best you can do to help is to keep thinking positively and visualise your little beans hatching and snuggling into your womb.

Keep warm, eat a healthy diet and keep thinking positively.

Wishing you all the best, we are all here rooting for you xx

lilou3110 in reply to Camillage

Oh, thank you so so much for this response. My bloodwork is on November 9th. For the healthy diet, I have been eating more pineapple that I can imagine ! I don't know where I've read this before. :) Anyway, thank you so much, it feel amazing to discuss with women who have been dealing with the same issue. Everyone around me seems to breathe and get pregnant. Thank you Camillage, wishing you a wonderful day!

Camillage in reply to lilou3110

There are so many of us here. We can give each other hope and encouragement all the way.

Don't fret too much over little things - have some cheeky chocolate if you like (dark chocolate better if you do). And just try to do nice things together xxxx

No miracles here but we did have a lady post a few weeks ago that had a little girl from a grade 3cc embryo. Good luck. I hope it’s third time lucky for you xx

Hi there, wishing you lots of luck for a positive outcome 💕 xx

Wishing you the best of luck xx

Thank you so much for your kind wishes .


My husband has azoospermia too. We are still waiting for it to work for us, but I also have a friend who’s husband has azoospermia and she has a beautiful little boy, so it really can happen.

Wishing you all the best xx

Hi suzannah1985 . Have you heard about anastrozole treatment to deal with azoospermia ? This is a very recent research that seems to work with certain cases. Maybe you can talk about it with your Doctor ?

Not in the same situation nor have a positive story to share.

For us everything looks good, we get a good rate of production and fertilisation in fresh cycles but despite 2fresh we have never got round to a transfer as our little embies never make it 🤷‍♀️

This time we have one little embie that was transferred yesterday 🤞

During cycle I was not feeling very positive but something has changed. I can only put this down to a few sessions of reki. Never had it before and it’s really not my thing but something drew me to it this time. The first was awful but the advice given really changed my mindset and I went back for a second which was amazing.

Maybe something to consider to try and get you through? Good luck, keep on keeping on! 😘

lilou3110 in reply to Newqgirl1

Hello newqgirl1 ! Thank you for your advice ! Wishing you the best of luck !

Hi there, just wanted to wish you luck. Hoping that this is your time xx

Hi everyone ! I hope that everyone is okay. Day 8 post transfer today ! I had a serious breakdown at day 6 and cried all day long. Sometimes I just laughed and cried at the same time :D. I was so convinced that it didn't work. The day after that, something changed and I was convinced to be pregnant. Everyday I feel something different , and people say to me like: please don't think about it ! it will happen when you will NOT think about that. Can I just say to them that's is IMPOSSIBLE? I'm losing my mind with this in and out moments ! Google became my bff and my husband just wants to kill me, he said I over analyse every little thing. I just have one question though, everyone seems to talk about that "bleeding implantation" or "implantation spotting". I didn't have any of those. I have some cramping some days that seems like the announcement of my period (even if it doesn't last that long usually). And days where I don't feel anything... For my 2 previous transfers I didn't had any spotting or any implantation bleeding as well, and well, it didn't work so it starts to make me anxious and nervous. Can I still have a chance ?

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