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ED abroad

Hi. Just wondering if any of you lovely ladies have experienced ED abroad.

My partner and I have had 2 heart breaking ivf attempts but unfortunately I was a poor responder. ED is the next step for us. We have been looking at the clinic in Valencia (IVI) as this is the partner company for out clinic here in the UK. Hoping to have ED in September '17.

Any advice welcome I want to be physically and mentally ready we have had counselling and I have been looking at acupuncture. There's sometimes too much info online that I thought learning from your experiences would be a benefit to us.


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So sorry to hear about your failed attempt I know exactly how you feel. Hubby and I are exactly the same 2 failed IVF attempts now looking at ED

We found a great clinic in Greece and have been nothing but helpful from the start and have put my mind at easy. I have tried all sorts of alternative therapies/method and they are all good but you need to find something that works specifically just for you.

I'm currently going through a program of lymphatic drainage getting my body ready for our next stage. As with lots of things we need to be mentally ready for the next stage and this I have found to be the biggest challenge.

Happy to answer any questions you may have.

Wishing you lots of luck



Hi, I have friends who went to IVI Valencia for ED treatment at Christmas...she's now 7 months pregnant with a little girl and they really recommended IVI. First time success using that clinic after they had repeated failed ivf attempts due to her own eggs never maturing correctly. In Spain, the donor is obviously completely anonymous and the child can't get to know any information when they're 18 which they're disappointed about but that was the only option for them. We all live in Sydney but they have their families in Spain so went back at Christmas for treatment. Very quick matching process and they found communication very good from IVI. Spain legally has to try and match a donor to your own characteristics.

As for getting ready mentally and physically, I personally think you can get so bogged down with info online it just stresses you out more! Keep things simple, sometimes trying anything and everything out there just adds extra pressure. Good luck with your treatment x


Hi there, I have had 2 rounds of DE in North Cyprus and can not fault them. Going again in October x


Thank you ladies this is really helpful. Sez73 that's really reassuring to hear a good news story from the clinic we're using 🌞

I guess I'm finding it difficult to be positive when all other routes have been unsuccessful and so painful so good news story will keep me focused.

Once things are in process and we have a plan I'll feel more settled I think.


Hi, I cant give you personal experiences but our friends travelled to this clinic and they said the clinic was amazing and far superior to anything they had experienced in the UK and they were at a top Clinic in London. The were successful on their 2nd attempt and have a beautiful little girl who is 3 now. I am looking at options abroad for around Septmber 17. Best of luck!xx


I have done ED abroad after 6 failed rounds with my own eggs. In our fresh cycle we got our first BFP but unfortunately we miscarried (we would have been due next month). I did a FET but unfortunately that did not work. We are very lucky to have more frozen embryos to try and we are looking at having a number of implantation tests performed in August.

I did not think twice about ED. In Spain the laws are different. Donors are anonymous and no ability to trace back to biological parents. The waiting lists are little to nothing which is a big bonus.

Just be a little prepared that communication might be a little slow depending on how your clinic operates and I would recommend finding out that when you discuss options with them - just to manage expectations etc.

I wish you all the very best with the decision that you take and look forward to hearing of your positive experience.

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