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Hello everyone! I’m Anna, I’m from US, but now am living in Paris with my husband. I was diagnosed with PCOS 5 years ago and had 4 IVF treatments (2 oe and 2 de), BFN each. I was getting my treatment in Czech clinic but now are looking for new one. I'm 38, my dh is 45.

If some of you knows about any nice fertility clinics in Europe or elsewhere we would appreciate it if you share it with us!

And also it would be helpful to know about surrogacy options in those clinics.

Thank you!

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Hi! Sad to hear about your disease. But fortunately for you and me there are a way out.

I'm definitely going to their web site to find more information. Thank you for mentioning them in your comment I was eager to find someone's advices and here you are.

Can you tell me more about the service in the clinic it is definitely one of the things that I worry about.


Thank you for replying me! That was really nice of you to explain me all process it is helpful in a lot of ways. So you say that they demanded from you to bring with a doctors certificate on your ability to carry a baby? Will they demand some inquiry if it's a surrogate program, in case you know..?

How did you choose a program to apply? Where there any others with more attempts included? Would be nice if there is.


Hi, I am sorry you are going through this. I highly recommend Invicta clinics (Poland). Close friends of mine got pregnant at their first attempt. Nothing but praise. Good luck


hi! thanks for recommendations! will check all the clinics everyone has advised me!

Good luck!!


If you consider ivf clinics abroad you might be interested in fertilityfriends co uk, eggdonationfriends com or whereivf com xx


Thanks for advising! I have visited one of these WEBsites for a help, and I am now reading all of the related information here. xx


Dear Sunny

We are shortly starting our 2nd round at Trianglen in Denmark. We have found them to be a very good clinic and I am happy to recommend them. I don't have PCOS so can't recommend them from that point of view.

Best of luck to you :-)


Thank you! That's nice of you to share your recommendations with me! Unfortunately I have never heard of that clinic. But looking at their prices.. it's a bit too much for us right now, as in ukrainian clinics that were recommended to me it's much cheaper..

Anyways thank you!


Oh really? Nice to hear that, because I've seen only good reviews on ukrainian clinics and was doubting that all was that good.. Of course, every clinic has its own pros and cons.

I'll make my choice really carefully regarding all your advices! Thank you!


cause of various domain names and mail boxes, your messages might have been treated as spam. Unfortunately I have unpleasant personal experiences with international correspondence.


hi, Anna. we're currently in surrogacy program in Kiev, Ukraine. bfp from the first attempt :) one week left to our safe stage. feel free to ask any question. we did a very profound research of surrogacy providers before we signed up. US is quite far to travel, though. for us it was just a 2 hr flight. in any case, surrogacy costs will be a pleasant surprise to you if compared with those in the USA


Hi all!

I am reading all your comments and I think I could be helpful for people who are interested in getting a treatment in other countries:)

Please contact me if you have questions or are interested in receiving a second opinion from leading hospitals abroad.


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