Shoulder pain endometriosis!!

Hi everyone this post is basically just something that someone may relate to! So basically for the past 4 years I've suffered with really bad right shoulder pain which I thought and was told by doctors and had an x ray to get diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and repetitive strain after trying every possible exercise and strengthening, ibuprofen, naproxen and paracetamol for pain still no relief. Due to my work mobile hairdressing and being right handed this was an obvious diagnosis. Well this past 6 months going through fertility I started to have investigations and had a laparoscopy to find that I have endometriosis, I did some well a lot of investigations and read everything possible and guess what....... endometriosis can cause joint pain. So I tracked the pain and realized it was bad when I was due a period. I've been on synarel for about 3 weeks had a period and bingo no pain so having I've not had pain since my laparoscopy to be fair which was a few months ago. I was so worried because the pain was that bad that I needed strong painkillers to help the pain and I new being pregnant would mean no strong painkillers un be known to me if I do get pregnant I won't have a period so no pain because endometriosis flares up most around period time xx

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  • Wow isn't this amazing! Well done you for doing that research! I'm so pleased you've had some relief from the pain. x

  • Aw thanks hun i was amazed when I read it but even more amazed when I didn't get any more pain xx

  • That's great that you've figured it out! Funny enough, I had shoulder pain when I had my miscarriage and a few of my friends that had suffered the same told me about the shoulder pain that you can get when this happens. There must be a nerve connecting the 2 areas or something like that. You would never think to connect such different areas of your body. Glad you have some relief from the pain now xx

  • Thank you for replying, I know it's scary what parts of the body refer pain, my husbands got a book called acupuncture bible I will read it tonight and find out some more info as my doctor did not even mention endometriosis could cause this xx

  • Tw1986. This is fascinating, as I do know one of the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy is shoulder tip pain, so I suppose likewise, if endometriosis affects the tubes, it is likely to cause the same! Diane

  • Thanks Diane it all makes sense now it's just a pitty it's taken 4 years to find this myself xx

  • Pleasure! All down to what is known as "deferred" pain. Diane

  • Hi Diane did you mean referred pain xx

  • That's the one! Silly me! Diane xx

  • Sorry Hun I didn't mean to sound rude if I did lol just thought i had it wrong lol xx

  • No, you weren't rude at all. Just me getting my spelling wrong on my little iPad! Diane

  • Wow that is an amazing discovery! I have suffered with right shoulder pain for years, been diagnosed with frozen shoulder and all sorts but also have really bad now finally pregnant after so many years and the pain is much less noticeable and couldn't work out why! Wow - thank you for your research! Wishing you all the best x

  • Omg so you realize how much that means to me 😘 my pain has got me down for so long and nothing seemed to make it better to know my research can give people some hope of a bit of relief means so much. Considering doctors should know to mention this to their patients xx

  • Hi there! I have severe pain in my right shoulder a) when I come on my period and b) around ovulation, and have been to the docs numerous times but they always seem to shrug it off... I started doing my own research and came to the same conclusion - endo. Before I was trying for to conceive it wasn't as bad (as I wasn't ovulating whilst on the pill) so birth control defo helped but for the last 2 years it becomes unbearable and no amount of painkillers seems to help.

    I am due for a laparoscopy in a couple of weeks and I am hoping that this will confirm my theory (if not confirm it - find out another source to this agony!!)

    You cannot realise how happy I am that I have found this post as everyone (docs included) looks at me like a crazy person when I mention the shoulder pain... xxxx Thank you!!

  • Hi Hun aw I did so much research after my lap on endo cause of the diagnosis and now I'm 10 weeks pregnant from my first ivf round as endo blocked my tubes, I found this out and not one doctor even mentioned endo in the 5 years or so that I had this horrible pain just arthritis and repetitive strain, I even stopped sleeping on that side, stopped lifting with that arm etc all because I thought it would make the pain worse but I know it was def down to the endo as I've not had an ounce of pain since being pregnant. And I now sleep on it and its absolutely fine. xx

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