Does not having a period before laparoscopy and dye matter?

Hi ladies.

I'm booked in next week for a lap n dye / ovarian drilling/ checking and treating endometriosis.

I was due on period this week but typically at hasn't come! All I have had is spotting. And I'm definitely not pregnant as we haven't been trying due to the pain I've been having in my lower left abdominal area. My periods have been all over the place since my 4th round of clomid-irregular and very short.

I had an HSG done 3.5 years ago and it was very important that I was on a certain point in my cycle and I'm unsure whether it's the same laparoscopy.

All the best to everyone on this difficult journey. X

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  • I wouldn't of thought it matters, but check with your clinic.

    lap and dye bit is to check the state of your tubes - doesn't matter where you are in cycle..

    ovarian drilling.. ditto I think

    checking and treating endometriosis... not so sure of this one, but I doubt it matters.. but do check with them.


  • Thanks sweet I have contacted my clinic to be sure x do appreciate the support x hope that all is well with you x x x

  • Thanks, doing bit better xx

  • From what I've been told and experienced it doesn't matter.

    Saying that, apparently some consultants don't like doing it when on your period, but others say it's better due to flaring up at that time and helps them to see everything..

  • I thought this was the case too Hollibob

  • Thank you lovely. My consultant didn't mention specific cycle day but I've contacted the clinic just to be sure. Hopefully I'll hear tomorrow. Hope you're ok x x x

  • I had endo removed on first day of period and he said he preferred it as it was at its point and easier to see. Weirdly I woke up with no bleeding. Presume they'd done some sort of rinse out? I dread to think and didn't ask!

    Didn't have drilling or tube check

  • Thank you. Our bodies can do weird things and it's typical the one month I want AF and she's not here!!! I have got in hospital and hopefully they'll get back to me tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be ok as my consultant didn't mention about specific cycle day for op. Hope the pregnancy is going well. x x x

  • No it should not matter but if u r in doubt u r better off calling ur clinic to confirm

  • Hi Hun, I've just had my letter which said I have to phone the hospital the day my AF starts so that they can book me in before ovulation, it says its because they don't want to run the risk of interfering with any early pregnancy. Ha, who are they kidding, early pregnancy, if only 😀!!! X x x

  • Oh I know hunni!!! If only!!!!!! I have contacted hospital and the first thing I told them about missing period was I am not pregnant!! Before they start that,!! I think AF doesn't play by rules- when you don't want her she's here and when you want/,need her she's no where to be seen. 😬 They are going to get back in touch and I'm sure my consultant would've told me if cycle day matter. Good luck with your lap sweetie x x x The good thing is providing no blocks you have extra chance of conceiving after tubal assessment x

  • Thanks Hun, once it's done we will be one step closer yay 😀! X x

  • Laprascopy and dye test nothing was mentioned to me about cycle times . I've not had ovarian drilling so can not answer that one .

    Hope all goes well though Jess xx

  • Thanks lovely. I have phoned the hospital to be sure cycle day isn't important. Hope you're ok x x x

  • Hey honey how are you. Hope the pain is better and wanted to wish u best wishes for the next dew weeks for ur treatment. Just wanted to say that my periods r all over the place to since stopping clomid. They r eith 10 days late of 15 days late.before clomid they were only 5-6 days late but after stopping clomid all over the place.i also asked my clinic about ovrain drilling she said ahh if u want we do for u its like what the h..ll is that it if i want then thats it no recommdation no openion on it. No worries on it. It was like she didnt really give enough info about it or how it would or wouldnt benifit me.i had a good 38 mint long chat with the dr about ivf question i could tell she was pissed off. She said this was not a session for ivf q's i said whT is it then she said its just a follow up on how u got on with clomid. But i made sure i got all the answers i needed i didnt care if it was a follow up what. Becuz they leave ot last mint everything and i wanted to ask everything to prepare myself even though the clinic doesnt. However i now have an app in sep and will be told if they going to refer me for ivf or not. I have been planning on iui before then been looking around for clinics but havent booked anything yet. Sorry for the long post.

    Wishing you weelllll. Hope this procedure sorts things out for you.


  • I'm sorry to hear about the disappointing appointment- you should be able to discuss anything you need to with your consultant and your consultant should advise what the best options are for you. We rely on these experts to guide us through this- a lot rides in their hands and we trust them with the most important thing- helping us to have our baby. I feel so awful that your consultant was so unsupportive. Is there anyway you can switch consultants or clinics? You need to feel your consultant your is behind you all the way. Such a journey to go through. I am really lucky that our consultant is very supportive and he even discussed my pain even tho it's not fertility related in our last appointment- so much so he's booking us in again to see him after my lap! He gave me me a few choices what we could do and then we both made a decision what was right for us- and decided on further investigations. He gave us the information on each option so we could make an informed decision. Ultimately​ it is our decision but consultants are there to guide us through the choices. Think long and hard if you want to continue with the clinic. I know consultants are busy but that's no excuse to act like that. Disgraceful.

    Clomid has much to answer for 😬😬😬😬

    Anyway I have phoned the hospital and they are double checking with my consultant that it is ok to not have a period-i should hear tomorrow.

    You know where I am if you need a chat- don't be a stranger x x x

  • What day is your op?

  • This Wednesday! Didn't hear back from hospital but my period came thus weekend- never thought I'd be happy about a period coming haha! X

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