Good news from consultation today! 😊

Hi lovely people-I hope everyone is as ok as can be. πŸ’—

We saw our consultant today. I wasn't going to mention it as I thought it'd be a negative outcome. It went really well. He talked over my left pain and was interested what was going on. And I talked about my cycle issues -missed a period-(no I'm not preg as we aren't trying with the pain I'm in). We were given options: IVF (self funding as I have a child) or further investigations. I decided further investigations were the way forward. I am having a laparoscopy- including HSG, ovarian drilling, and to check for endometriosis .He's said he'll mend my tubes (if needs be and he can), and laser any endo if he finds any. I have signed my operation for and await for surgery date. After that we will have follow up to discuss way forward. If all goes well we may try naturally for 6 months then consider IVF. As bad as it sounds we are both hoping something is found and fixed and we have a better chance of having this long awaited baby, πŸ‘ΆπŸ»

Lots of love to everyone on this tough and long journey ❀️

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  • Glad you're seeing a way forward to some answers Jess. Lots of luck to you xx

  • Aww thank you weemrsh and you too 😘

    How are things going for you? Hope all is well.


  • Started buserelin earlier this week to down reg for our 3rd IVF cycle. Can't believe we are here again but have to hope that our last 2 'almost but not quite' cycles mean something! x

  • All the very best with this cycle. Keep my fingers crossed it's third time lucky. I can't imagine how hard those losses have been for you. Think you're really brave. ❀️

  • Thanks Jess, onwards and upwards- determined head on :)

    Hope you don't wait too long for your surgery date! You will be relieved at proper action plan in place x

  • Having a plan always helps! X

  • Great news xx

  • Thank you button -123 hope the 2ww is going well. X

  • Hey.

    What was his thinking about your pain and possible endo?

    Out of interest is he a general gyne or registered gyne under bsge centre?

    It might be worth having your amh tested before the laparoscopy, as if they do anything with the ovaries, this can sometimes affect things. There's nothing you can do afterwards...but it's more of a good to know thing.


  • He's a fertility specialist but he also does gynae surgery too.

    I think he wants to rule out endo as it has never been done for me.-he wants to rule endo out or treat it if I have it. Also he is wandering whether the pain could be caused by endo.

    I thought it was good to have a complete mot!

    My amh is very low- it was 5 and that was 3 years ago yikes!!! 😳

    How are things your end?


  • I'm surprised it's taken this long before anyone has thought of checking for endo. It's good he will check your tubes etc. But if he's not bgse registered surgeon and he gets in there and it's grade 3 or 4 endo he needs to leave it. Also if it's on your bowel or ureter he needs to leave it as that requires a multidisciplinary expert team. Your pain and symptoms might suggest it already is at that level.

    My general gynae didn't have the expertise to even grade mine. You might want you double check that he plans to grade it and he plans to leave it alone if it's beyond his skill set and training. If he decides to have a go he can do alot more damage than good.

    You can't mention drs names on here but there's a FB group where you can. I'd just put a post on there and make sure it's not known for overreaching his skills as a surgeon.

    Not trying to scare you but general gynaecologists often think they have more skills than they do with endo. I'd just do a bit of double checking on the fb group then when armed with more endo info make sure expectations are set and he's aware of the nice guidelines before you go under.

    Just trying to not let people fall for the mistake that I did where you think you are in the right hands and your are not.

    Pm me if you want the group name x

  • i think why the gps at my Drs surgery haven't put me forward for one us they know I'm under a fertility specialist-so maybe their thinking was if he thought I'd need it he'd refer me for it. He thinks it might be endo and wants to rule it out.

    I think he's doing his best for us and compared to my last fertility consultant he's a breath of fresh air 😁 He is also the leading consultant there. From my point of view it's nice to know nothing would prevent IVF from working.

    I appreciate the honest heads up you have given me-maybe I'll look into it further (before I'm under the knife!)

    I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience and I'm assuming it all got resolved.

    Congratulations on the pregnancy really chuffed for you.


  • Well unfortunately not. What makes me mad is hes still operating on ladies with endo and he's just not qualified to. I can't issue a complaint because I have no evidence apart from a scan showing out of the 7cm mass i had before I still have 5cm! How can that be all removed? Didn't even get half! I really needed to redo the lap with a bgse expert as I have it on my kidney and bowel. However my symptoms aren't that great and I didn't have time to heal and start ivf so went straight to ivf.

    I will probably need another lap in a few years but now I've found someone who is qualified and highly recommended I feel alot happier.

    Can't believe they can get away with it. There's alot of examples of general gynaecologists stepping outside of their training and going against NICE guidelines. Stage 3 or 4 and anything involving the Utetoscral ligaments should only be done by someone with the relevant training. Problem is you don't know you've got that advanced endo until you have an initial lap.

    Onto a brighter subject, nearly 5 weeks :-)

  • At least you are having a better experience with this have to have confidence in what they tell you and advise.

    I'm ok thank you x

  • I'm so glad your appointment went in a positive way as it could of done xx

  • It went so much better than I had imagined! For once I feel postive and full of hope!

    We need that boast sometimes don't we?

    How did you get with the GP?


  • We sure do need that positive boost from time to time.

    I have gp today at 10:17 going to ask for baby aspirin as I think that may help . I'm also going to as about Grays disease my mum , auntie and mums mum had it xx

  • How did the appt going lovely? Private message me if you prefer. X

  • That's great to hear Jess. He sounds like a sensible doctor. Hope you aren't kept waiting too long for an op date do you can move forward with the next steps. Big hugs Xxx

  • Thank you sweet 😊 I think we've struck gold with him. I think we need a full and proper diagnosis-something we've never really had.

    I hope the pregnancy is going well ❀️✨

  • Thats brilliant jess that things went well n theres a plan in place. I hope ap cones through fast n you can have all ur procedures done. Best

  • Thanks bibi_16. It really makes such a difference when a plan is in place-feel like you're getting somewhere. Our last consultant was very scrimpy with the tests-we had the basics and nothing else. We both feel this a really positive step πŸ’—

    I know your appointment is coming up soon. So I thought I'd mention it is possible for gynaes to stimulate your ovaries without the need for medication-it's called ovarian drilling and it helps you ovulate. Apparently it is effective 6-9 months after being done. I didn't get on with clomid and i know you had problems with clomid too and I thought you could ask your consultant about it and see if it's an suitable option for you. I was surprised coz I thought it was just try clomid then IVF. It's great that they can do other things too. It's probably not mentioned before clomid as it's more invasive initially as it's a surgery procedure.


  • Hey jess thank you so much for letting me k ow about that i have never thought of ovrian drilling its sounds very scary but ill look into it. I really want to give iui a go even if it meams i have to

  • You are under general when it's done! It's just to know there are other options than just clomid or IVF. X

  • Sounds very positive and a sensible way forward, I'm so happy you have found good people to examine and treat you. Lots of hugs and wish you all the very best!! xoxo

  • Thank you nestfin. Our ex fertility consultant was such a nightmare. We both feel the consultant is doing his best by us and that makes such a difference.

    I appreciate the kind words.

    And I hope your pregnancy is going well.


  • I'm glad the appointment went well. I hope that this time the doctors are able to find out and treat whatever it is that has been causing the problems.

  • Thank you for your kind words. It's amazing he's giving us a proper fertility diagnosis/if appropriate treatment to-its a good starting point. Hope all is well with you. X

  • Hi jess1981. Just wanted to wish you well with all of this. You're certainly having the works, so let's hope that this sorts everything out, and you can finally get down to whatever treatment is prescribed afterwards, and achieve that on going pregnancy which you so deserve. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you for such a lovely reply-im really touched.

    The consultant is great-we feel like he's doing his best by us. I think it's a good starting point by getting a proper diagnosis ☺️ X

  • Great news Jess, Im so happy for you that things are moving forward!!xx

  • Thank you for the lovely words. Certainly makes a huge difference having a good consultant! i was amazed when he offered me all that!!!

    How are things your end? X

  • Yes it's great that he's being so thorough, just what you needed!! All good with me thanks!x

  • You deserve the results Jess here if you need anything xx

  • Thank you and same x

  • Lovely to read. It's so much better when you get answers or a plan of action! x

  • Thanks Hun.

    Dosent it just?!!! And what a difference a good and supportive consultant makes!!! Think whatever happens we will stick with him-he's good.

    Anyway how are things going with you?


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