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Microflair protocol

Any success stories with microflair protocol.My doctor says i have empty follicular syndrome since i had alot of follicles but most were empty.my medication will be changed for the next cycle.I will be on lucrin(hope i spelt it right )and gonal f.

We have decided not to wait and go straight to cycle 3 in june.

On another note my sister is pregnant accidentally.It will be her third child .im happy for her but it just makes me even more sad and determined at the sane time.she found it so hard to give me the news 2days after my bfn.and also found out my workmate is expecting .And she has a drink every now and then when she needs one.I chatted with my workmate about her pregnancy shes excited about it and im happy for her.But its just so hard to deal with everyone around you having babies without a struggle and i cant have just one.

Anyway sorry for the rant .Its frustrating especially after 2bfns.

It would be nice to read about success stories with this protocol I will be on next month.

To all those struggling hang in there ..hold on to hope.We are going to be good moms one day.😃😃😃

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For our cycle in July I will be using this protocol I am certainly hoping that it gives me more than the crappy 3 I am used too!! It will be the last cycle using my eggs and will be moving onto DE after this.

I can completely appreciate how hard it is hearing about people extending their families. The only thing I could suggest is when you aren't feeling emotionally able to be with those people, give yourself permission to have some distance whether it be physical or emotional. You have to take care of yourself and your own heart ❤️ Best of luck flower xxx

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You just made me laugh with the'crappy 3'comment.haha.its so annoying .i had a crappy 4 eggs and only one made it .my follicles were a good number and good size.arrrgggghhh so annoying.and then to see others have babies just coz they missed a pill is just cruel.anyway we all have to deal with the hands we are dealt with.i comfort myself by saying every woman has their own struggle .Though this statement doest really do a good job at comforting me.good luck with your cycle and i hope rhe number of eggs wont be so crappy .xx


Hi Lawmom.

The “microdose” flare approach involves the use of lower doses of the GnRH-agonist (gonadotrophin releasing hormone) “Lupron” or similar, and is usually given at the start of the treatment cycle rather than a more standard dose started two weeks before IVF treatment. The microdose flare is usually chosen when other stimulation methods have led to poor results. I am hearing more and more success stories with this, so fingers crossed for you. It’s so difficult dealing with so many birth announcements, when you so desperately just want a baby of your own. Just for now, perhaps just be careful who you spend time with to hopefully lessen this “trauma”. If you feel you need any support then, you can access information about Support Groups in your area by going to our website fertilitynetworkuk.org and click on “How can we help you” – “For those trying to become parents” – support – support groups – England – then select the area you are looking for. There is always to opportunity of counselling which should be available at your clinic/hospital or through their GP. A charity called the “British Infertility Counselling Association” can also be accessed at bica.net this is not a free service, but they are all specially qualified in counselling people with infertility issues, and of course you have the lovely ladies here who are just fantastic at helping to keep your head above water! Just wanted to wish you well with all of this, and for success. Diane


Thank you so much Diane.I really hope i respond well and get good number of quality eggs with the new protocol. The support on this group has been amazing .


Me too! Yes, the girlies are fab! xx

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