Scratch done and change of protocol

So that's me done my first scratch. Found it quite painful and now feeling all sorry for myself. Had a huge go at dh on way to hospital too about nothing..that man has the patience of a saint. I just feel this is all so unfair 😢. Anyway at home chilling now. Have to say what was nicer this first private round was my own room with en suite and like wee hotel toiletries in there too..very plush. But more importantly consultant was lovely.she held my hand, called me dear and came and spoke to dh also after procedure so got a really good feeling from her. Doesn't take much to have compassion. She did however suggest today a sudden change of protocol from long to short. I had two long protocols previously and she recommended long again when we first met her and today seemed rather suddenly to change her mind. Guess we just have to go with what she thinks. She said she is trying to change variables to give us more success as different meds this time too. From what I know a short protocol seems less brutal on the body as not keen on ovaries being shut down again for third time in less than a year!!! Anyone on here have experiences and successes on short protocol after long protocol failures? Also off to my Chinese acupuncturist woman later today for advice on any changes to treatment there too..going to throw everything including our savings at this now xxxx

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  • Hey Vic, sorry to hear that your scratch was painful....I thought the last two of mine were brutal but just kept telling myself that they've had a good go at it to give me the best chance! Glad to hear that you can rest now, the cramps do settle down fairly quickly. Your consultant sounds really lovely and yes I guess you do have to trust their judgement. I think in hindsight I kind of wished mine had suggested a short protocol which is a conversation that I will be having at my review - (even although we are doing DE now). I think the feeling is that you may not get huge numbers of eggs but better quality and its kinder to the body. High fives to the patient hubbys eh?! Putting up with our grumpiness, I dont think they mind too much as they see us having to put up with scratches, jabs and egg collection so try not to worry! Rest up!xx

  • I have been particularly grumpy to my dh recently 😧 I know what you mean about asking for short protocol. I had asked after first bfn and was told no so unsure now why the change. But anything that avoids that damn pros tap ok in my book.. I am over the large egg numbers..never had many anyway so I will take quality any day now. I just don't feel excited today more sad it has come to all this but am giving myself today to feel like this and dust myself off for tomorrow is a new day. Great about de where are you with that now? Thanks so much for message xxx

  • I've to take that prostap this time and never had it it bad? Surely can't be any worse than buserelin?!😩 So we have a donor match which we accepted, only took about 12 hours after sending my bloods in, impressive and she has donated before so that's good news too!! So I started the pill yesterday, how ironic seeing a so can't even get bloody pregnant but it's more for timings for the clinic and to get me in line with the donor. I've not posted properly about it as it's still a couple of months away, looking to go out around end of Sept I think....tbc! Just have your wee day to yourself of wallowing and you'll be able start a fresh day tomorrow!!xx

  • That's great and quick 😀. Prostap shuts down system kind of like menopause symptoms so at least I had a glimpse into the future😉keep me posted xx

  • I know, chuffed uts been going quickly! Does it feel like down regulation? Migranes/headaches, tiredness....etc?xx

  • Very quickly. Yes headaches, tiredness and hot flushes 😊xx

  • Oh joy, looking forward to that then....not!!😨😂xx

  • Hi Vic77, sorry to hear the scratch was painful. Wishing you a quick recovery! When are you starting short protocol?

    I have had two failed (long protocol) IVFs on the NHS and I'm looking at going private now. Since my two failed IVFs, I've decided to change clinics and I've had a few consultations with different doctors at different clinics and they have all said the same thing, that I should try short protocol next time and also have the endometrial scratch too, which I have never had before.

    Good luck with everything!!! X

  • You sound the same as me. Two failed nhs Icsi long protocol now private with first endo scratch and short protocol.heres hoping it's our time. They said now to call clinic on day 1 of my period. Xx

  • My second scratch at the beginning of the month was not something I ever hope to experience again! But the first one wasn't too bad 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully you won't have to either! 🤞 xx

  • Hopefully that's it for us both xxx

  • Wishing you all the best of luck vic. Thinking of you xx

  • Thanks so much that means so much coming from you katya38 xxx

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