Hysteroscopy then coil

Hey all we are currently going through NHS funded ivf however not started as havent had a cycle since April ( I was pregnant then miscarried) so booked in for a hysteroscopy today. I found out after that they fitted a coil. The doctors didnt tell me they had the nurse did when she gave me the leaflet when I pressed her she said it will be coming out in 5 weeks and to call consultant tomorrow with questions. I wondered if anyone else had a coil fitted after hysteroscopy. The paperwork also said resection was done. What is that!

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  • Hope someone can help x

  • I'm so sorry that you have left without the needed info. Hope the consultant out your mind at rest.

  • Thanks consultant didn't ring me back!

  • That's terrible. Def chase it up - he or she must have a secretary. Or go to your gp if the secretary is unhelpful. You have a right to answers as quickly as possible. I'm sure the hospital has a complaints line but maybe ring the dept you're under first if you can't get the secretary. Good luck!

  • They shouldn't have put the coil in unless they had written consent or discussed it with you before?! Check the paperwork that you signed to see what was written down...

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