Im not the first and wont be the last

Im not the first and wont be the last

Yes i have caved in like some others have its very hard not to but its the only way i can have some control I did get some strip tests a day ago and they showed up negative , i was in town today and got some different ones anyway did the test and a 2nd line appeared im only 4dp5dt i had 2 blastocysts 1 was already hatching i really dont want to get my hopes up I did my trigger on thr 13th may so would that be out my system now im so scared xx

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  • I can see the line too :-)

    They normally say 12 days for the trigger to be out of the system if my memory serves me correctly...

  • Is that 12 days from the day of trigger when i did my first cycle i got my positive 6 days after transfer but im only 4 days with a double transfer xx

  • Yeah from trigger, but if other tests haven't shown it before then you might be good!!

  • Hope so ive just checked the other tests again and def no line on those so today is thr first positive which 12 days past trigger xx

  • I can see the line as well. Please stay positive! :) xxx

  • I will try im hoping its a true positive ive read some say it takes 10 days to be out the system but can be longer i did the strip tests and that was negative so if i had the trigger still there surely it would of shown on those xx

  • I'm tempted to test as well but I will wait at least till Friday( i don't have any symptoms :( and I'm a little bit worried) I think if you test tomorrow the line will be more visible. xx

  • Try wait if u can cos now im worrying myself silly i dont want to ring the clinic as they will just tell me to wait till official day

    Ive been doing a lot of google reading and some women said they havent had any symptoms and still had a positive result fingers crossed for u xx

  • Those two weeks is the worst part of whole ivf journey πŸ™. My partner told me not to buy is so hard. I wish I knew what's going on inside me now 😏 xx

  • I can Defoe see a line. The cheap tests normally only pick up 25ml of such where the frer can pick up as little as 5. Therefore it's going to detect pregnancy so much earlier although could also show a very faint line if it is still picking up the very small amount from trigger that could still be in your system.

    I would test again tom or Fri and compare lines, have everything crossed for you they continue to get darker xx❀

  • Thank u the strip tests i did showed up negative if trigger was still there would it have come up on them they were only pound tests xx

  • I think the pound sticks detect the 25ml level so if the trigger was still in your system but below that level then no they wouldn't pick it up but the FRER is much more sensitive so if there was even just a small amount of the trigger in your system the FREE may pick that up as it's more sensitive. I think if you get another faint line tom then it's likely to be your embies.xx

  • Yes thats correct the pound tests were the first vue ones, i'll do another one tmrw ,ive got the cramping again and had a sharp pain in my left side am hoping its the embies xx

  • Looking forward to seeing that line tom xx

  • Fingers crossed thank u xx

  • I did the test this morning but it looks lighter than the one yesterday i got a clear blue test but didnt do it with my first wee im now thinking its the trigger or not? This is so difficult xx

  • I did the test this morning but it looks lighter than the one yesterday i got a clear blue test but didnt do it with my first wee im now thinking its the trigger or not? This is so difficult xx

  • Are they early detection tests? I always found that my tests were stronger later in the day air some reason xx

  • Yea its a clear blue early detection test theres a line but its like the faintest line the one i did yesterday was done later in the day its 16 days since I did trigger xx

  • The sensitvity of these tests is 10mlU/ml xx

  • Sorry Rosie I thought you were 12 dp trigger yesterday I have read your post wrong. It has to be your an this then love so hoping the line continues to get darker over the coming days. When us your official test date? I know it's hard but try stay off the tests for a few days as it will drive you even more nuts xx

  • Sorry i typed that wrong ive got a new phone and keep pressing wrong keys im 13 days since triggee not 16 ,my official test day is 31st xx

  • I'm the same with this phone!! It's driving me insane!! I think trigger can take 10-14 days to leave your system completely although everyone is different so hold tight for the next few days and don't panic xx

  • Yea same here i changed from iphone to samsung but cant get used to it. Ive heard clear blue are not as sensitive but the 2 cheap ones i did yesterday were clear lines but as u said maybe its better later in the day i shouldnt of tested this early xx

  • I went out earlier to do a bit of shopping and picked up a pound test and theres a 2nd line again but the clear blue looks hardly visable xx

  • I think based on your frer and your others yesterday and today it's good news lovely xx

  • Im staying hopeful should thr 2nd line get darker over days or if it stays the same its still positive xx

  • Crossing everything xx

  • Hey lovely. I am sure you are on the right road! As you know I am an early bird too and tonight's test is as blue and clear as the indicator window. I am sure yours will just get darker as time goes on. Told hubby btw... couldn't wait any longer he is elated... it wasn't romantic. More... f ing hell...

    Keeping everything crossed. Xxx

  • Congratulations!! I reckon it's legit but test again to put your mind at rest. Stay positive for your little ones!! Xxx

  • Congratulations, fingers crossed!x

  • Sounds promising...... 🀞 xx

  • Hoping so but i did a clear blue early detection this morning and its like the faintest line ever i did 2 cheapies yesterday and the 2nd one looked darker so now i dont know what to think but i have heard clear blue are not as sensitive but worried incase its the trigger but the line wouldnt get darker surely and didnt do the test this morning with my first wee xx

  • They aren't as sensitive. I think they work at about 20 or 25 miu/ml.. and they're 99% effective from the day your period is due (under normal circumstances). Whereas the internet cheapies I have are very sensitive at 10 miu/ml. Don't give up hope yet xx

  • Ive still got 6 days till my official test day so still holding on to some hope, i started testing 2 days after to check to see if trigger was out my system and it was a negative test and yesterday was first positive even if i get a faint positive but dosent get darker would the clinic still accept that xx

  • On official test day yes. Our clinic said even a faint line is a positive xx

  • A faint line for sure!! My congrats sweety!!!xxx

  • Still hoping but my test today is very very faint with a clear blue i did 2 cheapies yesterday and both positive but 1 looked darker Xx

  • that's great, isn't it? but it's only the 5dpt, so hoping you'll get fat lines on otd. try to be patient and not to test early, I did such a mistake and it was very upseting although it appeared to be inaccurate. when is your otd? I'd recommend you to have a blood test rather than using cheapies. x

  • Yea am only 5 days past transfer, my official test day is 31st, my clinic gave me a test to do at home they said they get the results from a home pregnancy test not blood tests xx

  • Stay positive hun! I as everyone else see the line too :3

    Fingers crossed! Xxxx

    PS really want to receive your updates! Hope that everything goes well and sooner or later (preferably sooner of course) you will post here a happy post of a happy lady! Wish you nothing but the best!

  • Thank you very much i did another pound test this afternoon and it showed up positive only 6 more days till my offical test day i am going to test daily till then xx

  • Yes! That's great!

    *Can it be twins?

    Congratulations :)

  • There could be as got my positive very early

    Thank u xx

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