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a post of hope 30 weeks pregnant

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Hello ladies,

Not posted for a while but wanted to update those that have followed my journey over the years on here! Its been a long road but our 4th IVF cycle worked. After all the heartache and BFN's and chemicals we got there in the end at our clinic in North Cyprus.

Its been heartbreaking for me to read such sad stories on here lately and makes me feel so blessed and lucky to be one of the lucky ones. I truly hope you all get there in the end and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Im doing surprisingly well for an old bird (40!) my consultant (NHS) had great pleasure in telling me how old I am and told me all the things im at higher risk at because of it. (i felt like punching her) but fingers up to her ive been so lucky and had no problems not even sickness! go old birds!!! I have so far had a better pregnancy than some 20 year olds and I am really grateful for that.

Baby due July 5th they wont let me go over cos im old.... I get extra growth scans with a consultant cos im old... but im glad im being kept an eye on.

I just wanted you all to see it really can happen eventually we just kept going and it paid off. its a hideous journey and i feel for everyone of you going through it, I really hope and pray you get your BFP's xxx

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Congratulations lovely to read such a happy story 💝 all the best with having the baby hope it all goes well 💝 xoxo

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Blondyboo in reply to

Thanks Jess I do keep an eye on you to see how you are doing x

Not long to go now Miss good luck xxx

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Blondyboo in reply to Lucyloo81

i know it really does go quick! spent years trying to get the bun in the oven didnt really think about having to get it out!! - slightly nervous now!

Hi blondy so lovely to hear this, not long now till you meet your little one 😊 I get you on the old thing, aren't we considered geriatric lol?! I was watching a phone in show on the tv a couple of weeks ago and they were asking if older mums were selfish. Some girl phoned in saying she was 26 and had a baby and said that she thought older mums were selfish as she couldn't possibly go through pregnancy when she was 40 - aka old!! I thought what a bloody cheek!! Made me sooo annoyed, so I'm with you on that one. Ha ha!!!

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Blondyboo in reply to Lilli79

yes i know what you mean! makes my blood boil hearing people like that!! You will be glad to know they dont use the term geriatric anymore lol i think the phrase was 'older mum'

Lovely to hear from you and great news!! I can’t wait to get to cyprus for my next round.

Look after yourself and nice to hear some positive news xxx

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Blondyboo in reply to Missy_22

thank you Missy !xxx

Brilliant news and brilliant post! Gives hope to us all 😊 xx

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Blondyboo in reply to Tugsgirl

your another one i keep tabs on ;) thank you xx

Hi Blondyboo

I messaged you last year for advice as was going to the same clinic as you in Cyprus for treatment, and you gave me some fab advice, we’ll I wanted to let you know, I had the treatment and am now pregnant too !!!!! I have my first scan this Friday to check everything’s ok, and see how many I have cooking lol, I’ll be 7 weeks next Monday so early days, but so pleased and still can believe it 😍

I can’t believe your 30 weeks already !!!! It won’t be long till you have your little baby in your arms, do you know what your having ? Xxx

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Blondyboo in reply to Bliss44

oh wow!!!! so pleased to hear another success from the same clinic!! congratulations!!

We are having a boy ! we had lots of private scans in between NHS ones to put our minds at rest. Also had early gender scan at 16 weeks i think? so so pleased for you xx

Lovely positive story, it's such a hopefull story too you've been through the rut hun like many have, I'm so pleased you'll be giving birth soon. Congratulations on having a plain sailing pregnancy and on your rainbow 💝💝😘😘

Thank you! xx

How lovely all the very best wishes x

Ahhh it's always great to hear how you're getting on! I love that everyone tells us we are old!👊 I've just started saying it first!😂 Not too long for you now, exciting!xxx

Aw lovely story and good luck with everything 💕 xx

Really lovely to see this post. Congratulations on your wonderful news. You are not old! Well done for having the strength to go through it all. Good luck with everything xx

Not long to go! It’s great you’ve had a relatively easy pregnancy after everything. Hope delivery is just as smooth. My little girl is 9 weeks today and my pregnancy was a dream.

Looking forward to seeing your next update xx

what a lovely update and I am so pleased for you. I have watched your posts for a very long time as I know we had similar events going off at the same time.

I look forward to hearing more of your great news.

PS there is nothing wrong with being an old bird and I am an even older bird than you!!!!


What a lovely post, which gives me so much hope!!

I too am an ‘old bird’ just turned 40 & recently gone through a mmc at 10 wks on my second round - I’ve been really struggling to find any positivity & strength since!! This gives me hope - thank you, fab news!! xx

Ah wonderful! So glad it’s all going well, I love to read a positive story, sometimes it just doesn’t seem that there are enough, so thank you!! Wishing you lots of luck for this last little bit, and pushing the little bugger out!! Xxx

This post put a huge smile on my face .its such a lovely post and is proof that age doesn't mean no hope.i wish you a happy couple of weeks till your due date .(my birthday). 😊😊

Thank you so much for sharing.

Congratulations...my consultant said the said I will be 44 before the baby is born. Extra scans and monitoring with mine too although I'm only 15 weeks so far and feel fine after a bit of nausea the first trimester. Good luck time will fly!! Xx

Really lovely post.

It's nice to see people get their happy endings.

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx 😘

Brilliant story. Thank you so much for sharing xx

So lovely to hear. Massive congrats with your pregnancy xx

Fantasticnews. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy. Keep us posted when baby arrives xx

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