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im 28 and my fiance 21 and i need ivf to concieve what are the chances to be given the treatment on the nhs ?

i have white blood cells attached to my sperm and only 10% of my sperm is unnaffected so natural concievement is pretty impossible my fiance has a child from a previous relationship and we both desperately want a child together but im worried that i wont get given treatment i live in the north east of hampshire and my local hospital is frimley park

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Hi there

Sorry your having trouble TTC. I'm not clued up on your condition I'm afraid, hopefully IVF can help you.

Treatment on the NHS varies, some areas allow treatment if one partner has a child, others like mine, Sussex don't. You need to google your healthcare trust and check their policy

Good luck


Hi there.....

Not sure about your area but usually if there is a diagnosed reason they will refer you to at least a fertility specialist to be investigated /look at the options, depending on age etc....i have the opposite problem where they cannot find anything wrong and therefore cannot refer me as there are no grounds (they have to have a reason which you have).....I guess at least you know the facts and they can't keep fobbing you off by saying "keep trying" if they know there is little chance naturally.....my advise would be to go to your doctors and demand a referral...at least you'll be starting the ball rolling. Even if you don't get the answers you want at least you have got yourself on a waiting list or know at least you have been to the doctors to get information.

Hope all goes well



As the others have said, you need to get your GP to refer you for a consultation to discuss your options, and perhaps there just might be some treatment available to help your situation. Occasionally, a Primary Care Trust (PCT) may consider you for treatment even though you already have a child within your relationship. It might be a good idea to send a letter requesting treatment to your PCT. Have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and in the “Funding For Fertility” section you will see some template letters for you to fill in and send off, under the heading “resources”. I do hope all works out well for you both.

Diane Arnold


I also agree with what the other ladies have said, and we found that we was in the same shoes as you and needed IVF to be able to have another child, and I have a child from a previous so we was turned down for NHS funding because of this.

I didnt however want to leave it like that and not have any hope of another child so we went to our local fertility clinic to see what we could do and it was then that I found out that I could egg share and I have done this twice now, 1st one failed and second ended in a miscarriage but we still cling on to hope that we can do another egg share and that we could be successful.

I would advise talking to your dr and to drop in a call to your local clinic and see if egg share would be an option and they will advise you further on your options. Good luck.


Hello there I was told by my Fertility doctor that the NHS will not provide IVF treatment free if the female smokes but they will offer the investigations stage free of charge, You also get 2free IVF treatments then you pay your self, Not sure of the rules if you already have a child.


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