hi ladies just after some advice..

so my partner has had a few sperm tests and ive had all of my tests (that I know off) and was referred to a fertility doctor on the NHS, we went to the doctors last November 16 after a year of trying to get pregnant with no success, so between November and now ive had what feels like 100's of blood tests, swabs,hsg test,ovary scans. im completely fine and its my partner who is the issue as he has very low/next to nothing sperm count so we was told IVF was a strong option for us, we have a apt to go together to on may 23rd this year to discuss the results from my tests (although I was told at all test apt everything is fine) and for my partner to do one more sperm test as he has been taking vitamins and loosing weight since we found out his sperm count in jan and to see if doing all this will help him,

basically all im asking is for anyone who has had similar problems as us and ivf was there only option how did it start and did they have to wait long? I don't know if im expecting to much from this appt in may like im going to start straight away or something....

any advice is greatly appreciated :) xx

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  • Hello!

    I'm very new to the journey too but didn't want to read and run (first meeting with infertility team Friday so I can maybe offer advise after that!!)

    Is there a reason you have to wait until May? If it's only down to availability, maybe you could ring for a cancellation i the meantime?

    Good luck with everything...I'm sure other ladies will be able to give some great advice! xx

  • Hiya lili19!

    ok great, that would be lovely :)

    we was given may as our next apt and when we went in janury just gone I had to have my final test the HSG wich took 2 months waiting list I had it 2 weeks ago, an they wanted my partner to use vitamins for a few months to see if it it improves :) xx

  • Hey there, welcome! Myself and my husband have the same issues as you, low sperm count though I dont think my age helps as Im a bit older at 39. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do to improve his sperm count however there has never been any problem getting the swimmers required for fetilisation of eggs. Usually they do ICSI which is a little different where the embryologist takes out the best looking sperm and injects each egg with one instead of IVF whereby the sperm and eggs are left in a dish overnight to see which sperm fertilise the eggs naturally. We are NHS and I think it also depends on where you live as to how long the waiting lists are but we were referred in the Nov and started meds for our first cycle in the following May. Havent been successful yet but will be starting a new cycle around May. Good luck!xx

  • hiya! yeah I think the doctor wanted to give my partner a few months to try and see if he could naturally up his count with exercise and vitamins as hes only 23, it all sounds so interesting and I hope may brings you lots of joy! xx

  • Thanks fayzee94! Hopefully you're not waiting too long and fingers crossed for your OH uping his count!xx

  • Hiya fayzee

    We had our 2nd appointment to discuss my test results on 16th of march. We have problems on both sides so consultant decided on ivf. Our nurse consultation is booked for the 9th of may so about a 2 month wait. We are at an NHS clinic but they also take private too. Hope this helps

  • Hi I'm in a fairly similar position in that we have a sperm issue - low numbers, v low morphology. My blood tests are normal but haven't had any other tests yet - we're waiting for referral to the Fertility clinic at the mo. From what I've read I think ivf/icsi is going to be our only option, but as I say I haven't spoken to a fertility specialist yet. Can I ask what vitamins they put your OH on? X

  • hiya Hannah, the blood tests are the very first stage of fertility testing but I got all my tests done within 3-4 months on the NHS so hopefully you don't have to wait to long,

    my partner takes the multi vits from Costco but he also has the wellmann conception ones they are around Β£5 for a 30 day supply on amazon or should get them from the shops. he has also been researching foods to eat such as bananas/walnuts/eggs drinking plenty of water and lost around 8 pound so far and cut down the drinking we, he has been doing this since January this year and will find out in may if it has made a difference to his count! xx

  • That's encouraging, thanks. Well done to your partner for his weight loss. My partner's low count etc is due to him having undescended testicles when he was younger so not sure whether vitamins etc will make much of a difference - he's fairly willing to try anthing though so can't do any harm, & figure if we start them now when we go to the Fertility clinic we can at least say we've been trying those things. Good luck for the test in May xx

  • no worries, yes id advise to start them now because they may send you away again for a few months and say try them and see how you get on, but atleast if he is taking them and its proving they are not helping then it will force them to go to the next step! good luck hun xx

  • Hey

    Sorry I don't really have much info. My DP has azoospermia (no sperm). We completed loads of tests and got referred on by a gynae for IVF. We paid for a private appointment with a consultant and he's been advised to do some additional blood tests which we are currently waiting on. I've also problems on my side.

    Our 1st NHS appointment has come through for May and that would be with Homerton.

    We've got another appointment at a private clinic on the 13th April. Unfortunately time isn't on our side.

    Good luck to everyone xx

  • Hi Fayzee, I'm in a similar position to you. Husband's first sample was very bad, on count, motility and morphology. He stated taking wellman vitamins, gave up caffeine, lowered his alcohol intake, began eating walnuts, eggs etc. and eating more healthy in general, exercised and lost some weight. When he gave his second sample it had improved, not by huge amounts but definitely a better result.

    We started this journey in September but that included some of the tests you have already had and we were recommended ICSI in December; which is specifically recommended for male factor infertility. I'm currently stimming and hoping to have egg collection early next week! It has seemed like the longest process but I think my clinic have been quite quick compared to others.

    Good luck with your journey, I hope things progress quickly for you xx

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