First and only cycle failed

Hi Folks, My first and only cycle has failed after the second scan. Gutted. They said my hormone levels haven't risen enough even though I had 7 follicles. Can anyone give me some hope, been in the same position? We have some cash to go private, but not sure whether its worth it? I am 41. We have not been told we are infertile, docs just kept saying timing was probably wrong but they gave us a cycle because of my age and because we have been trying for so long. Hubbies sperm count is good.???

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  • Awww so sorry to hear this. I thought 1 full go had to include a full cycle? Will they not give you another go as you didn't get whole way?xx

  • Hi cazzieb, poor you. I was in the same position after being given only one NHS go that didn't go well and know how hopeless and unfair it feels. I decided to give the private thing a go as I couldn't really let go after one attempt and went down the naural modied rout as it was cheaped and feankly I just hadnt responded to the aggressive drugs. I am now 17 was pregnant! ... which I still can't believe! Everything about this process makes those of us who are slightly older feel as though there is no hope but that is absolutely not true. Take some time, some deep breaths and listen to your instincts xxxxxx I send my love and best wishes for your journey ahead xxxx

  • Well done! You give me hope! Can I ask how old you are?

  • Thanks :) I'm 40 at the moment, but not for much longer!

  • I'm sure you should get another cycle on the NHS as you don't go all the way to egg transfer, it's worth speaking to your clinic about it xx

  • I too thought that ifypu didn't get to transfer it wasn't classed as a "full cycle" xxx

  • I am sorry to know yr story. Don't give up hope I am sure your time will come. If you consider paying out of pocket, overseas ivf clinics might be the option. A few friends of mine underwent their ivf at top in vitro center in Gdansk, and got pregnant at the 1st cycle. The price is the fraction of what you would pay in the UK. Ladies have been happy with top notch services at budget friendly prices they have been provided. xx

  • Thanks for the advice! xxx

  • I'm sorry to read this cazzieb, I hope you get another cycle and have more success next time round x x x

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