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Cyclogest pessaries

Hi everyone

I started my pessaries last Friday evening and was all ready for the sore boobs Saturday morning as last time this happened but nothing yet. Is this normal?

My boobs were soooo sore last time. I've felt a bit crampy today and I've been such a bitch to hubby over the weekend so I guess that's part of the progesterone side effects.

Just was expecting what I felt last time so my overactive mind thinks there is something wrong.

I'm going crazy already and not even in 2ww yet 😜😫 xx

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Firstly I hope everything works out 🤞, I was on them 3 x per day and did not get any of the symptoms above, I did get extreme sickness but that only started in about week 5 post 2 ww, and I am 26ish weeks so it was worth it 😊,

Try to relax best of luck x


Ahh thank you. I just felt so differently last time. Drives you mad lol congratulations on the pregnancy xx

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I'm on 3 a day and don't have sore boobs. Got a BFP this morning too. Don't worry about symptoms xx

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Thank you! And congratulations amazing news xxx



I felt the same last time on my fresh cycle, really sore boobs, cramps from the start, this time on FET I'm not nearly as sore and hardly and twinges, I'm putting the difference down to no egg collection and less/different drugs, the first cycle didn't work so hoping this time will be a positive outcome and the lack of signs is a good thing as my body is more settled?! 😕 fingers crossed for us both 🤞🏻 xx


I feel so much better about this! It's so annoying how it can be so different and things I would never think I would worry about I do non stop!! Going mad!

Absolutely dreading tomorrow and hoping I don't get a phone call to say they haven't survived the thaw 😬.

Good luck with yours! Keeping everything crossed for us xx


It's horrible isn't it?! You'd think they could pop a little camera in with the embryo so you could watch what's going on instead trying to guess all the time!

I have everything crossed for your good news call tomorrow then for the 2 week crazy wait! Xx


Yay can't wait! Lol xx


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