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Hi ladies, i havent been on here for a whole. We are currently preparing for our very last frozen embryo to be transfered next fri. I havent had the pessaries since our very first fresh transfer over a year ago. Do they have to be inserted the same time every day please? Im on a collection of meds this time and cant remember if like my injs they have to be the same time every day to. If someone could help i would appreciate it x

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  • As far as I know you have to take 2 a day and 12 hours in between them so say 8am then 8pm that evening. I would imagine its easier to take them same time every day for ease of remembering them but I am not sure about diff times. Best of luck for this cycle x x

  • Thank you raglee. I may ring the clinic tomorrow just to check with them as im going to struggle in the morning the same time every day but i will sort it. Xx

  • Best idea , they ll know best ! I had to keep settin an alarm to remind me oh my evening one! Xx

  • I have set alarms for everything and even made a drugs chart so i know i have had everything and dont forget anything. Its too important xx

  • So so true X

  • I take them as Raglee said, one at 8am and one at 8pm. But check what your prescribed.x

  • I have done the morning one at 7 due to getting ready for work but will find it hard to do 7pm again due to work, sometimes im not home by then so have done it before going to bed instead x

  • Hi Hun, I'm doing mine 3 times a day, so I would definitely ring the clinic and check. Last time I did 2 at night so not quite sure why it's changed this time but I'm going off the clinics orders. I try and space mine out but I don't worry too much about set times. Good luck and fingers crossed for you xxx

  • Thanks gurty123. 3 times a day must be a nightmare. Are you on any other meds to? Good luckxx

  • Well I was doing the Progesterone injections but I was so sore and the thought of doing them for 2 weeks I opted to change it to the pessaries so I'm happy ha! It's not too bad, I don't mind the pessaries at all. Just get plenty of panty liners Hahaha! Grosse! I'm on 8mg Estradiol a day too. It's all so different on a FET than a fresh cycle isnt it so I'm feeling loads different to last time, which is a good thing. Hope you're feeling ok and I'm sending you lots of luck πŸ€ Xx

  • I know what you mean. Im doing 2 lubion injs a day, 2x 5mg steroid tabs, 4 progesterone tabs, 2 pessaries and a clexane inj. Done a drugs chart to keep on track of things. Im not too bad thanks. Find that im feeling worse when im in work as i dont get to rest after my meds. When are you having your transfer?xx

  • Oh jeez you poor thing, how come you are on so much? Is it just the clinics protocol? That's a lot of stuff, no wonder you need a chart!! I had my transfer on Monday so I'm a week in to my 2ww! Test day next Sunday!!! I have had this week off work but back tomorrow. I get tired off the hormones let alone everything you're on. Just think, it's worth it if we get our miracles isn't it xx

  • Because its our very last frozen embryo. The doc has decided to throw everything into it. I would double it again if i guaranteed it would work. We have had 5 embryos transfered which vary from fresh cycle and frozen. I will keep everything crossed for you. Your brave going back to work after a week. I have booked a weeks holiday then a week unpaid so i can take it easy. Hope everything continues to go well and you get your little miracle or miracles xx

  • Oh that makes sense then, give it your absolute everything and take/inject/insert whatever it takes!! It's draining isn't it, this is only my second time so I really feel for you. We had 7 embryos frozen but they needed to defrost 2 for this FET as one didn't make the grade. I think it will be good to get back to work and some normality, I've spent time alone and overthinking. This way I can just chat with my work friends etc and get early nights and before I know it it's going to be Sunday. I do hope the very best for you, I'll say some extra prayers for you and your little Frostie. Good luck ❀ xxx

  • Im determined to do everything i can. This is far too important and as its our last one so much depends on this. Its hard going , going through the treatments, the medication and the heartbreak if you have some. I know what you mean about getting back to normal. Im on my feet all day though so its not ideal hence the time off. I will keep everything crossed for you and keep you in my prayers. Take it easy. Let me know how you get on. Good luck πŸ€xx

  • My clinic said the same as Raglee try and leave 12 hrs between, but I did say to her that sometime it may not be the exact time and she just said try and get it and near as. Take it with you to work if need be and just do it in the toilet lol xxx

  • Thanks emma-Jane -30. I didnt want to take it to work as i thought you had to lie down or at least sit down for 30 mins after inserting it?? Xx

  • Sorry for the tmi lol but mine go up the bum once it's up there it's fine to walk around etc as it doesn't come back out, as the nurses say is that don't have bowl movement for 30 mins πŸ‘ Xxx

  • Tried that way the first time and it did not end well. Gave me terrible diarrhoea so going frontwards xx

  • Oh I get that to glad I'm not the only one lol, even if you do front you will be fine the only thing I will say is wear a pad because it is a little more messier that way I did try doing front for a couple of days to give my bum a rest and it was a little messy but I'm back to the behind now and it's actually ok think my body is now used to it lol xx

  • I thought it was just me to. I will just carry on this way i think as its working ok and not that messy until i have a wee so i can cope with that xx

  • I wish you luck with your FET xxx

  • Thank you i appreciate that xx

  • Hi. It is meant to be around 12 hours inbetween. But there isn't an exact time that works for me in the morning and then in the evening so at times it's less than 12 hours & sometimes it's more.

    Just do what you can x

  • Thanks. I rang the hosp today and they said as long as their is 12 hours between them its ok. Sigh of relief now. Just hope everything goes ok x

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