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Hi Everyone,

Just need to go aaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Everything just takes so much time. It takes forever to get to any point. Have my follow up point after my operation on 24 July - 3 months to the day after my opp!

I know (all being well with the rest of me, I got told that my Fallopian tubes are blocked with one of them I think the cysts had grown odd and one tube I think is partially blocked but I was out of it when they were telling me this so who knows) that IVF appears to be my next step but I have to wait 3 months to get proper feed back and referrals after being out of it when my consultant came round after my opp.

It has taken years just to get to this point!

I know I have to focus on the positive and I am really trying I'm buying the books I'm working on my diet once I'm healed I will go back to the gym I'm trying not to think about it too much and focus on other things but it's just so frustrating!!

Sorry all for the rant!


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Hi!! Just wanted to say I feel it with you. It was July last year since we first went to GP, first appointment with fertility specialist in January, tests February and next fertility appointment in June where I'm hoping they will say we can finally start treatment. This year wait had really affected my mood.... it's so hard isn't it, it feels like your stuck in limbo. I'm here with you. We will get there xxxx


Hey! It really is so hard isn't it, it's hard to make plans just in case that appointment comes through or the thought of what might happen. Really does test our patience doesn't it! I'm sure we will get there eventually. Just hate every time another birthday goes by. But it will happen, we will get there xx


I know it's so horrible! I feel very aware of time passing... getting older... while everyone else seems to be living thier life it feels like ours is in limbo :( I kept ringing up for cancellations as our appointment was July so least been able to knock a month off it and June only next month now. I can't remember a time when I wasn't waiting for appointments, trying to time ovulation, the 2 week waiting with apprehension to wait for AF to show :( I used to be so happy go lucky! Hope to feel like the person I was again.

You will get there. It will be well worth the wait in the end....

Good luck! Xxxx

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Good Luck to you as well, you will get there and make sure you allow yourself time to just be you and forget everything else for a bit xxxx


😘Sending you love and hugs xxx

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I feel your pain...it took over 2 years with an NHS hospital to just get a diagnosis, with months passing between various tests and I only got an HSG done because I insisted upon one!! I wish I'd pushed harder or gone private a lot sooner. In many respects, I feel like this was just time wasted, but then I am older and don't have many options open to me.

You will get there, but I do feel for you and know how it can feel like you're not living your best life because you always seem to be waiting for something! Hang in there xx


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