Tuesday is hopefully my turn to start at last!

Tuesday is hopefully my turn to start at last!

So this big parcel of bad boys turned up on Saturday #thisshitisgettingreal

I'm excited, apprehensive, anxious, nervous - will it work? How many goes will it take? Will I be able to remember how to make up the injections? Can I actually inject myself? Will my baseline scan on Tuesday be ok for me start? Why has a month on the contraceptive pill made me bleed heavily for 7 days and have so much cramping? When will my new kitchen be plastered and tiled so my photographs don't embarrass me on social media!? Rhetorical Questions aside - I'm actually feeling quite calm and positive. After being on this forum for about 9 months or so it's actually amazing that it's now my turn to get to do this ivf stuff for real! I've had so much done to my poor body this year. I'm hoping that the year is going to have a positive end to it. January I found out my tubes were blocked. I cried so hard that night. My beautiful cat Boodle died of a horrible rare disease aged just over a year only a couple of months ago. I keep crying so much about it all. I miss her. But hopefully I'll get my baby soon...... good luck to everyone on here xxx

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  • Wishing you all the luck in the world

    If I managed the injections anyone can,try to relax easier said than done and take your time,

    I hope your kitchens finished in time,

    Sorry to hear about your fur baby,

    And I’m sure Tuesday your be all good to go, good luck πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thank you so much - and for giving me hope! X

  • Stay positive, look after yourself, try to stay off google (harder said than done πŸ™ˆ) and do whatever feels right for you. After your first couple of injections you won't know what all the fuss is about. Wishing you lots of luck x

  • Thank you - will definitely be pleased when the first injection is done! X

  • I hadn't been shown how to mix the injections !!! took me and my mum 30 mins to do the first one! It was a nightmare, by the time I injected I was a wreck!! Got easier, by about number 4 I knew what I was at! Had to watch the video every time though like a comfort blanket! They don't hurt, I did get a red patch but soon went away. The tablets are easy, just remembering is the hard bit! I'm finding the pessaries no problems but messy. Had my FET on Thursday so now the waiting begins!! good luck to us all x

  • I'll definitely be needing to watch a video and will need to read the instructions several times before I dare to start! That's nice you had your mum helping you. Good luck with your FET! Xx

  • So sorry about your cat x I lost one of mine a couple of weeks ago, he went missing and I found him in a neighbours garden 😒 Xx

  • Oh no poor thing! What had happened to him?! Hope he was old. I've now lost 2 young cats to FIP in the space of a year. Thankfully I still have my lovely boy cat to cuddle through this process! X

  • He had a bad heart, he was only 7 😒

  • Good luck! You’ve got this!!!! Finally your turn x

  • Thank you!!! How are you doing?! Xxx

  • I’m good, started FET, transfer should be end of next week!x

  • Eeek, good luck xxx

  • Every good wish, keep believing πŸŒˆπŸ€žπŸ’—πŸ’™πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Not quite as special as your ducks, but my boyfriend bought his dad a bag of liquorice all sorts yesterday, and when he was eating them, he offered them about, and my boyfriend pulled out a random jelly baby! In liquorice all sorts?! I said it's a baby! It's a sign! πŸ˜‚x

  • I'm starting Tuesday too! After also putting off what what seems like forever (but was actually only 8 months).

    good luck!

  • Oh wow a cycle buddy! Are you on a short or long protocol? I'll be injecting for approx 2 weeks. X

  • I'm roughly two weeks as well, I usually have really short cycles but the nurse told me it'd be two weeks still because they put off ovulation. So I have one injection to start, then I up it to two, then egg collection, more injections, transfer, then I cross all my fingers and toes!

  • I'll be crossing everything for us! Is this your first round? It's my first. I'm in Kent. I get 2 rounds on the NHS. Haven't heard about injecting between egg collection and embryo transfer before? I'll be on menopur then adding in centrotide too. An antagonist protocol. Good luck!!!! X

  • Yep it's my first round, I'm in Australia though so I think it's a little different here, we have to pay up front, and get some back, but still out of pocket about 6-8k. So we get as many as we can afford, so I'm really hoping this one works!

    I think I got confused, I have two different types of injections but they're both before egg collection. The whole process is all really confusing!

  • It is confusing! Hello Australia! Good luck to you x

  • Good luck! Always so hard losing a pet. All the best for a positive result xx

  • Thank you! X

  • This shit is really getting real! Good luck to you!!

  • Thank you x

  • Great news! Hun watch loads of videos before you do the injections, I was a pro by the time I did the first injection. If you have no past experience of filling up injections then the air does get into the liquid but I'd say just practice loads with a spare needle and some liquid...

    Good luck.

  • Good idea thank you x

  • Good luck will keep everything crossed for u. Xx

  • Good luck watch the videos I did too. Xx

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