Back on the roller coaster! ROUND 2 *DING DING*

Hi lovelies. 

I hope you're all well.

After a little break after our BFN in March we are soon starting cycle 2. We had our follow up appointment and all seemed ok and we were told the BFN after 2WW was just down to bad luck.  

So I'm doing short protocol stims from end of May and have started the pill to get a bleed (I have PCOS so very few periods). We're doing ICSI this time round (last time ended up being IVF as it all looked good but after getting 9 eggs we had 4 fertilise....the docs think ICSI will take away any issues with the sperm binding with the egg) this is less of a worry atleast.

My hubby and I talked to the consultant who said not to fret and stress too much and even said we could have the odd glass of red wine if we wanted.  (Last time we both abstained from everything!) We're going to try to be less strict this time (although I'm trying to avoid caffiene). I must say though I feel very different to last time.... almost numb to everything and atm am less stressed but probably more apprehensive and I think it will be more nerve-wracking this time round.  What will be will be.... trying hard not to focus too much on it all this time!! How did/does everyone else feel starting their 2nd round? 

I'm on metformin too (after a break) and am bloating again! Big blubber whale coming through! 😂😂😂 It's amazing how much I've forgotten and then like an old friend the symptoms come back.  (The crying/laughing hormones have started 🙈... poor hubs!!) 😊

Wishing you all lots of luck🍀🍀🍀🍀 and Positivity 🌟🌟🌟🌟and of course lots of BFPS 💕💕💕 


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  • Aaah loads of luck and love

  • Thanks hun x

  • Good Luck Kat - here's hoping it's your turn this time! Keep us updated with your progress and enjoy the odd glass of wine if you need it. I've cut out everything for this first cycle, I'm a right bore at the minute but if it all goes wrong at least I can't blame myself. I've already said if we have to go again I won't be as strict with myself... it's difficult enough without a little treat now and again! Take care x x x

  • My thoughts exactly for the 1st cycle and now it's our 2nd we're taking it easier. I wouldn't change how we did round 1 though! Best of luck to you 😊 xx

  • Hello Kat - im waiting for my period to start (sunday to Thursday) and then I start the injections.  feel more relaxed this time but just need to keep chin up.  found out my best friend is pregnant and ive taken it really hard today xxx

  • Is this your 2nd round too? Keeping positive can be so hard but I find having a 'release' from ivf and lots of distractions really helps xx

  • Yep second round. So hopefully start injections next week. I feel relaxed but nervous xxx just need to try and stay calm xxx 

  • Hi great to see you back 😀 I have just started my second round I am on day 7 of injections (short) I do feel much calmer and more relaxed this time Probs cause I know what is going to happen this time. Last time I had Acupunture etc but not bothering this time just trying to keep in the cool zone and take each day one at a time xx

  • Best of luck to you honey.  It's definitely more chilled this time round! Xx

  • Good luck with your second round. Our consultant said a glass of red has antioxidants in so one won't hurt at all.  Our second round felt much calmer and less stressful than the first, I think you know what's coming and are more prepared.  Vastly different to our third which was hard going.  Sending you lots of  luck and baby dust to you xx 

  • Thankyou hun xx

  • I felt calmer during round 2, I think this was knowing what to expect. Our nurse commented on how different I was 2nd time round. I didn't drink during our 1st and 2nd rounds or whilst we were waiting for treatment. I had a limited amount of alcohol whilst waiting for round 3 but didn't drink during the cycle. Our consultant said that you shouldn't drink in the 3 months prior to trying to get pregnant. I drink decaf tea and coffee anyhow so that didn't change. 

    I really hope that round 2 results in a BFP, sadly the medical profession don't know why it fails most of the time if they did we'd all be pregnant or have had our babies!

  • I lived like a nun for 3 months prior to and during cycle 1 which made me feel so stifled and stressed. It's nice to allow a little glass of red wine IF we want to and has taken the pressure off.  Having said that we have rarely drank anything! 😂😂 I was caffeine free until after cycle 1 and had a few coffees in the break between cycles.  I would still avoid it during cycle 2 mostly but I think now my attitude is that the benefits of those little pleasures and allowing myself to have it if I want to... outweighs the minimal risks. This is what our consultant told us too. I guess it is about finding what works best for you.  Best of luck hun xx

  • Hi Kat, just wanted to wish you loads of luck for your 2nd round. I could be starting again soon but may leave it a few weeks as on antibiotics at the mo. 

    Keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Thanks AimAim, hope you get to start soon x

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